Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Please Love Ted

I struggled with whether to say anything on the whole Ted Haggard thing, which is going so crazy on the blogs and news that I can call it such an undescriptive name as I have, for those of you this side of the pond who missed it get the news here. TallSkinnyKiwi has written the first post I have read which focusses on the important issues, which motivated me to write this in order to link that My thoughts have been 3 fold in this: For him: The shame and difficulty of an inward battle, ravaging your life as it emerges from the shadows, effecting your family, friends and ministry. While what he has done was clearly wrong, Im sure Ted Haggard doesn't need to be told. He needs grace, understanding, Love, and to be out of the spotlight, to work with his family out of the rubble of what has happened His Family: Who can know the pain, shock and shame they must feel, Andrew@TSK has written a beautifully compassionate post about Ted Haggards kids and our prayers for them can be guided by his own reflections. His Family: How do you deal with this, when a friends seriousl dirty laundry gets hung out. My Hope for his friends, and my aspirations for myself, were I ever to be in this situation is that I would abandon any thought of self preservation, or reputation, and invest all the love, grace and mercy I could muster, being loyal in my love for a friend.


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