Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Truth isnt Sexy

 The Truth Isn't Sexy

This is a campaign from Protest4, a Social Justice movement run by some Christians and as I read, while browsing Schotts Almanac 2007, That its the 200th Anniversary (1807)Parliament abolishing the slave trade. I thought I would give some space on the blog for this important organisation, The Truth Isn’t Sexy campaign has been devised to expose the truth between human trafficking and prostitution. Networks of criminal gangs are exploiting impoverished communities across our world and are buying and selling women and children as though they were commodities. Promised a life freed from poverty, these girls are easy targets. All it takes is an unfortunate response to a carefully worded advert in a local newspaper, a new boyfriend skilled in the art of manipulation, or a scheming family. The girl is then passed from the hands of care-less traffickers and sold on to brothels. The atrocities these innocent women suffer can be compared with the worst type of slavery. Many of the girls have no idea that they will be involved in the sex-industry and those who do are often misled about the violent and brutal entrapment that awaits them. Often having to service 30 to 40 men a day, they are kept locked up in brothels unable to access help. They are brutalized and threatened until they are broken and compliant. Technically this is organised rape. Trafficked girls usually have no control over their earnings. They are told by their owners to pay off the highly inflated expenses of the journey; a journey they were either duped into taking or took without the knowledge of such costs being incurred. However, working off these ‘debts’ is almost impossible owing to constant fines and additional charges for food and board in the brothels. As well as the financial trap, they are caught in a physical and mental trap that uses violence and emotional coercion to maintain their enslavement. The Truth Isn’t Sexy Campaign aims to raise awareness about the reality of this trade.
  • It is estimated that 80,000 men in London regularly pay for sex.
  • Of the girls solicited by these men, one in three are not ‘happy hookers’.
  • Trafficking will continue to increase where there is money and demand.
  • More lives will be ruined.


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