Sunday, October 31, 2004

iPod Loving - 60GB!!!!!!!

They just keep on going dont they, well the hugely sucessful (and desirable) Apple iPod series has been expanded to include the new Apple iPod 60GB Photo Click here for all the details at Think Secret, but basically heres a summary of what this bad boy will be capable of:
  • The new iPod, which will sit at the top of Apple's fourth-generation line-up, will pack Toshiba's new 60GB 1.8-inch hard drive, a 2-inch color liquid crystal display, iPhoto synchronization, audio/video-out capabilities, and will sell for $499.
  • The 2-inch color screen is identical in size to other iPods, but will sport a higher resolution for photo viewing. However, the new device's real shining feature will be its video-out port, which will enable users to tote their photo galleries with them, ready to be plugged into any television for big-screen viewing
  • Sources indicate that Apple will market the new photo iPod as being capable of storing 20,000 music tracks and 25,000 photos. As an added bonus for music fans, album artwork will be displayed on screen when it's available for a selected track.

Soul in the City/Soul Survivor Album Release

Well its finally here the live album from this summer, I was kind of hoping they would release separate albums or a 2CD thing but no, never mind this is set to be a pretty good CD as SITC worship was great with 100Hrs and Mark Beswick, and I hear SS was pretty Awesome too This is one of my best worship memorys from SITC: A 30 second promo of the Mark Beswick "Lord I lift your name on high" song click here or right click and choose "save target as" Its a WMA which means you'll need Windows Media Player. I know the photo downloads didnt work too well last night but this works for me so if it dosent for you then sorry and check out

Aberdeen Skyline

I saw this out of Ben and Grahams flat window and thought Oh I wish I had my camera then I realised I did! Then I thought "Oh for some more megapixels and an optical zoom" Oh well what can you do It came out ok. There it is the Aberdeen Skyline! Just in case you didnt know you can click on all the photos as they are just thumbnails (smaller versions) and that will take you to the full size one and then just use yourbrowsers back button to get back

Spicy Fellowship

Today I really wanted to go to church in st combs (Yes I just managed to get that rice cake crumb out of the keyboard!) but I couldnt get hold of anyone to go so I went to City Church which was really good, then Ben Hulk (A Kentshire fellow, studying divinity!) had to write an essay so I offered to cook up some lunch he foolishly accepted and I know it seems like all I ever cook is chili but its not! I offered Curry as well but he chose the chili, anyway I felt the time the Cornwallians came up the Chili was a bit mild so the Chili powder was not all it was cracked up to be so I thought id be extra generous, so lets just say I was buying the prophetic when I bought some Juice, Natural yoghurt and salad because I also bought hot chili tortillas which tasted like cool doritos compared to the heat of this chili, man it must have been easiest the hottest chili ive ever had. Anyway I had a really good afternoon, Ben and Graham are Great guys and I think some of you met them at Soul Survivor. Oh also Graham is learning the guitar (one in the background) and picked up the latest SS chord archive and so Im doing some archiving of my own this eve into the master worship file for those of you who know what that is.

TAX FREE Worship (its legal!)

Acorn Direct - The CDWOW/PLAY.COM version for worship music. So you can get the new Soul Survivor CD for cheaper than Soul Survivor are selling it for!

Shout to Cornwall

I quick oldskool pose for all you CORNWALL peeps (including Jon, Morgana and the gillespies not currently residing in the land of the not so brave, home of the not really free (unless your well off enough to catch the train out into plymouth) - This is for all you guys in cornwall wish I had a transporter thingy like those role models of budget Sci-fi movies where they go from one place to the next, keep running the race in your lives and Love God!

Clocks go back

Ok possibility of some sleep! The cloks went back an hour yeh! Remember now, oh I just realised it always seems to be on a sunday coz I remember Penny Minns turning up to church late once due to it!


Sam Rich is Bloggin away and although he created a broken link to my site (your forgiven sam) hes has quite comprehensivly while keeping a classic Sam Rich manner blogged the trip to orkney, quite cool! Well done sam impressive blogging abilities....Oh if you want to see the blog scroll down because hes also blogged a Calvanism VS Armenianism debate without knowing I think, which revealed that Sarah Adams (even though se hasnteven posted on it yet!) now has a blog, so here it is World Exclusive there will soon be a links section entirely devoted to Blogs spawned from this (which in truth was probably spawned due to tallskinnykiwi and Gabagail.


Heinous, I was coming in the door this evening and tripped on the door lefge before taking my key out so I thought it was gonna be one of those trip but step out of it in a semi casual "you can't touch this" manner but no I fell held on to the kep which promptly bent when I tried to bend it back hey presto one broken kep and one bill for £12.50!


Early Early Mornings, but God always has a way of reminding me of who he is in the mornings especially when I get up late and rush around worrying about stuff. Like this morning actually. In the last 2 days Ive had a collective of 7hrs sleep! 5 last night and 2 the night before but my essay was good I think. Worked the first full day today @ Lush HARDCORE (cosmetics!)

Saturday, October 30, 2004

24/7 Prayer & my sleepless existence!

Well if you read yesterdays blog you'll see I had a crazy nite not actually gettin to bed til around 4:45am as I unwound after the essay by trying to convince my flat mate not to experiment with ouija boards when he goes home this weekend, so lift that up! The essay went in fine and after going to the wrong lecture for an hour listening to EU law (whata nightmare) I went to work til 6. Then for the second time ever went to CU, twas Ok, afterwards went back to Ben and Graeme's played Risk (thats why Im notw back so late) and talked about getting involved insetting up a 24-7 Prayer week next february. Pretty cool. Tomorrow im in work for 8:30am which means being up for 7am without an alarm as I left my phone at work by accident, heinous.

Friday, October 29, 2004

October is just an evening month

Hi there, well firstly would you look at the time of this post, no I havent changed the time im actually writing at virtually 4 in the morning, let this be a lesson to you all...Remember essay deadlines so your not up the night before too late! Lots of work at Lush at the moment which is good prospectively financially but not so good, academic/time very tired but pondered shortly how theologically correct the statement "God is moving" is. Oh Also for those of you who the downloads are working then sorry I would fix it if I knew what was wrong but they work fine when I try them to go to fiwishop (My Photo Album) link on the right hand side check out the Orkney album click on the pic then again to get a full size then right click "save picture as" individually. Also the links for downloads might work if you right click on them and click "save target as" Anyway Im off to bed for 3hours. Hope your sleeping well right now

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Orkney Photos

For ALL of my Orkney Photos (Ill attempt to get Pauls and anyone else who cares to send theres to me online for everybody as Grace MSN dosent have a big enough capacity) 1. For Individual Photos - EASY Click on Photo Album on the right, click on Orkney Oct 2004 Album, the on individual pictures, then click on the pictures again to get them pop up in full size 2. Download them all zipped - HARDER Ive uploaded mine in 3 roughly 3mb zip files right click and Save target as. On 56k (dial up) this could take around 10 mins Orkney Photos 1 (2.8mb) Orkney Photos 2 (3.6mb) Orkney Photos 3 (2.5mb)

I Love Coffee!!

"However, if you have any doubt that caffeine is a drug, and a potent one, consider that a dose of only 1 gram, equivalent to about six strong cups of coffee, may produce insomnia, restlessness, ringing in the ears, confusion, tremors, irregular heartbeat, fever, photophobia, vomiting and diarrhea." (from "The World of Caffeine" by Bennet Alan Weinberg and Bonnie K Bealer, published 2001 by Routledge).

Magnet Photoshop

This was harder than it looks to make. The only problem is I didnt know what to write!

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence

Confessing Christ in a World of Violence this is a good article even if its not agreed with, Christians too often shy away from world events when they can easier be quiet. Its great that people are continuing to relate Christianity to the world, thats exactly what Jesus did, not getting lost in a world of spirituality which can all too easily become about works and not grace. Ive previously linked to this blog as well, but of your looking for other good blogs check out this post

New for Old (well not really that old)

The new logo is here! Well actually in a discussion with Andrew Jones over the weekend, who basically just seems to have the most famous/popular/any other award you care to think of Blog on the web, Anyway he said he changes every month and I thought it could do with a change so heres the new one, its from a pic i took off the back of the ferry going to Orkney of Aberdeen. Enjoy....until I get bored and try and escape going back to the Library to start my essay! Also I thought Id chuck up the old one just in case any of you had forgotten this background comes from a photo taken by Jon @ the trafalgar square meeting for Soul in the city!

Trip to Orkney!

Sorry Readers, my Blogging frequency was cut short due to my visit to the orkney islands! As some great people drove all the way from Cornwall to go to Orkney, so they stayed over and just managed to keep down some Chili I made, I think Ill probably write a fuller post later, but highlights were seeing everyone!, playing guitar with PA (see post), Seeing more of Orkney, Meeting Andrew Jones, There will be more photos posted on fiwishop when I get round to it. But I have a big essay in for Friday and I have to do research, find books to add to a bibliography (surely thats not right!) and create handouts sort out a presentation and im working all day tomorrow! argh, oh and some dinner wouldnt hurt, Stay safe (look left and right), speak to you soon

I lost my toothbrush but Paul Adams is a celeb!

Man, It sucks to loose a toothbrush, but the story ends happily because it was actually under some clothes, Cleaning changes everything. On a lighter note over the weekend I was playing one of Paul Adams songs with him on the guitar (I played the chords he did the harder part I should note) but its a great little song and very catchy. Download the MP3 from Brook Guitars by right clicking here and "save target as"as he is one of their featured guiatrists what a celeb!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

What can you do?

Ever feel like this, what can you do....

Thursday is Anticipation Day

Well Anthropolgy is being philisophical today looking at how objects and animals may also be persons too. Random I know but if you really want the whole thing you can mail me! at It got me thinking a bit though about have animals souls etc, I know alot of people think they do, well if you want to know what I think about that then email me too, as for those of you are think there are better things to do with lives than to be an academic pondering these ridiculous questions (yes dont worry I am you most of the time too) the rest of my day was consumed by looking at my flat contract, because of a revelation I will tell you about later. Then off to the Lucious job (terrible pun eh!) and then to Hannah (Craigs gfriends) to watch Mona Lisa Smile (may be I just wasnt in the mood) and shrink my jumper in the dryer oops! Washing is a massive deal, what a night mare. now home to sleep on the floor, well thermarest actually which is about ten times better than the floor, check these puppys out here

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Important Stuff Never Gets Done

Well I had lots of plans today, of which the less important happened! Its always the way...My hair was cut too short, which is why your not getting a photo (Oh dont complain you know Ill have a photo up here soon) But ill leave the shock factor for when the guys come to up to Orkney then Ill post it to the blog world! I wasted a couple of hours playing an old PC game of my friends "The Sims" where you basically control a life of a Sim Person. I chose to go into politics and now Im a councillor raking it in check out my pad!! Ok Yes I am a sad geek, but its somewhere inside us all. Everyone is someone elses wierdo as the old skool liam byrnes . co . uk would say!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

New Media Ministries!

Well New Media is obviously an area and arguably a sub-culture God wants to use for his glory (the earth and EVERYTHING in it) and I know Ive only just posted a little advert to JG's blog "on the road" but I just read his second ever post and its better than most sermons, so for Inspiration from a Saint check his blog, Ive got a feeling this wont be the last good post On the Road

Other Great Xtians living the life (not a guarantee you may agree with theologies etc.) and bloggin it too that you might want to check out:

Andrew Jones - Possibly the best blog ive ever seen!

Wanderer of the North - This has had some really inspiring posts

Liquid Thinking - A Multi-writer Blog, funny and good


Im just off to get some hair cut off, not something ive been used to in the last few years due to the whole long hair thing, but its crazy it becomes a bi-monthly past time! This will be the first lopping off in Aberdeen, So heres a quick photo to remember the mid length mullet this was turning into!


A Great company, with a great guy in it Colin Hewitt, I just discovered designed One Hundred Hours latest album cover, and not a bad job either! Nice one, Check it out


  • More than 6000 people contract AIDS each day,
  • 5000 Africans will die from HIV/AIDS today,
  • Over 3 Million people died in 2003 from HIV/AIDS, thats 8,129 each day, 342 eery hour and 6 people each minuite,
  • 40 Million Children will be orphaned in africa by 2030


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

JG's Blog

My Best friend the big JG has just started his blog, the phenomina is growing!!! Check it out, He promises more posts in the next few days so bookmark this puppy! On the Road

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Crash Course

Just before Im off to bed, I thought I post a quick crash course in how to use this site to its full ability: 1) I normally go through sporadic postings eg. 3 a day so scroll down for the postings in the last week 2) For older posting every posting is archived (stored) and you can look at them by clicking on the weeks under archive on the right 3) The photos are thumbnailed (made smaller) so click on the photos for a bigger picture 4) Click on 0 comments at the bottom of the post to post a comment choose "anonymous" as you likely dont have a blogger username then post it with your name or not Thanks guys, hope the blabberings if not an inciteful view into my crazy adventures and thoughts then a hunourous way to pass the time!


There are many things in your life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart.....Pursue those.
Passion is a funny thing, Christians sometimes spend there whole lives running from it because of how the world has contorted passion to being a description maybe of someone who is unhealthily obsessed with something or if passion does healthily excist its only within sex as I found out whenI though Id see what the world thought passion was by searching for it in google. But we are called to be passionate and its the only thing that will ever fulfil, who wants to be mediocre, we were meant for more than this as the one truth T shirts say.
The Film the passion of Christ, think about Jesus had a passion to stay on that cross to obey his father and redeem us, thats incredible.
This is the "Passion now (Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin)" view on passion in their mission statement that ive editted
Passion: To seek God whole heartedly in an attitude of worship which invites his prescence which changes us igniting our hearts to a passionate pursuit of Him and a desire to declare His glory in and through our lives

My day!

Today has been good, with an early politics lecture which was interesting then went home for lunch amd went to starbucks with Emelie Stu, jane and Lindsay the to the shops! But I did not buy anything as any of you who know my student financial situation will be glad to know! Jane drove me home James Bond style to iron (YEAH WE GOT AN IRONING BOARD FINALLY!) my work clothes then jet back to town and I rewarded the guys with free samples etc!!! Work (lush) is gearing up for Christmas big time and so we've partys where I just pass wine around. It was good to see the guys as Ive not been up to St combs for 2 weeks and then this week im travelling to orkney which Im very excited about (my bank accounts not!) and get to see some of my favourite people coming up from Cornwall but first I have to work work work at Uni.

Worship UnLtd

Hey guys, Pre-cursor - What ever you say about cheesy christianity you can't deny that worship is what were made for, and although Music is definatly not all that worship is about, it is definatly a part of worship that God loves and a facet he has put in the hearts as something special. Alot of fresh worship about as ever is about, but the album which i'm loving at the moment is the new album by Matt Redman which shows how much this guy is in a league of his own, the new album I think comes from a real deepness and a heart which has obviously studied the heart of a worshipper and has one! Anyway great lines from this album which have really hit me, and just put into words those things on your heart you can't quite say even though there the simplest of phrases "Worship starts with seeing you" "All I have seen commands a life of praise" "We are breathing the breath that you gave us to breathe to worship you" "Your blood speaks a better word than all the empty claims I heard upon this earth" Ive really meditated on these (Its biblically to meditate its just they darn new agers twisted it) and they are just awesome things. Im actually listening to "nothing but the blood - track 2 and its so rich with truth, expression of a worshipping heart. Give it all you've got guys Liam

Saturday, October 16, 2004

In Glasgee leek!

Ok so phonetically spelt scottish accents aren't my strong point, but im in Glasgow staying at the beatties for those who know them. Today Fyvie, Sparky and me went to the AOG to Jam and I was reminded of how I want to be better at the ole interesting musical theory, I also saw Bill and Nora Kerr who as ever make me smile coz they are so great, Bill was off to fly his incredible contraption which is pretty cool, i cant remember what its called kind of power glider thing, i had a shot once with bad results. Anyway Ill write more and post some photos no doubt when I get back to Aberdeen. Also Aberdeen FC beat Inverness in their own ground in away mode because Inverness hasnt got a big enough stadium to host scottish premier matches......Scottish football is absolutly crazy. PS Amy Beattie just revealed she can play killing me softly on the recorder

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Food Wonders discovered in the drowning culinary world of studentdom!

Hey, Blog readers, well I though from all the hits you give me Id give back something to the food poisioning, no only joking! I have been playing around with various ingredients and though you might like to learn what ive learnt about student cooking, 1)Keep it simple pasta and rice are great starting points, but make sure you run them under a hot hot water tap after cooking them. 2)7 Minuite Boil up meal type things can often take longer (in my case 40mins!!!!!!!!) 3)Drinking chocolate tastes great in curry! - Yep the other day I made curry and I wanted to thicken it, I was looking for flour as that normally does the trick as a thickening agent, and I remember somebody saying that chocolate is great in curry maybe the Currymaster JG, so I thought "Oh Best of both worlds!!!" Errr more will be added when I discover them! Oh also any body still worrying about the Banana issue I had, I suitably have now dusted them all off, there a great snack and good for potassium and Vitamin D, also good in natural yoghurt for a very friendly LIDL student price of 39P for what you would probably buy for £1 normally!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

NEWS FLASH Im Flying to the States!

NEWS FLASH!!! - John Gillespie and me just bought tickets to see the rest of the Gillespie Family (apart from Beth) in Ohio for Christmas, We are flying out of heathrow on the 14th and coming back on the 28th of December! We are very excited, also because We are in New York for 6 hours and in Boston on the way back. Ive never been to the states and it will be an experience Im sure. So if theres anything (light) like a letter you want taken over then give it to one of the guys coming up to scotland at the end of this month....Im sure this wont be the last time you hear about the trip on the blog!

Tuesday, another Tuesday (Darwinism, lofts and fire alarms)

Hey Guys, Just a short one today coz its already late, Ive had a crazy day, loads of lectures and theres loads I could say about Darwinism (mylectures today basically) but Ive resolved not to rant! Ive spent a relaxing evening with th germans upstairs and Fred (the singaporean) who I havent really seen for a few weeks so that was cool, we ventured into there loft for a laugh which involved lots of painful fingers hanging around the sils of the hatch. Also discovered one of the girls connie is an awesome classical guitarist! It so much more impressive than more mainstream stuff! Anyhoo I was also impressed with Alex's retro tracksuit top from lidl that I tried on (see photo) for a great £8, worth a buy, what dyu think, add a comment as to whether its cool enough! PS The Fire alarm comment was because we got stuck outside for an hour because the light switch has been cross wired for our hallway and so when you turn on the light it sets the fire alarm off, then the caretaker turned up extremly drunk and sarcastic! You coudl write comedy sketches better than my life!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

This is Cool

I thought this was a cool clock! By the way that is your life going by in seconds, please do something with it!

Jesse Foot - I forgot!

Props go to the Great Jesse Foot for his 33rd Birthday with I forgot, but hes the man! (I forgot and this is no consilation...heinous!)

The Movies, one to miss

Also went to the cinema tonight with Jack (flatmate) due to a great student 241 deal which means its £1.50 we went to see a preview screening of SAW, all I can say is the film is made by "TWISTED PRODUCTIONS" and that will give you a good idea of the film, its pretty nasty so if in anyway you can avoid watching it then I would recommend to, evidently a product of the desperate nature of society trying to express something of passion for once, which gets twisted into hate and violence. To finish on a good note tomorrow is a busy day with my first anthropology tutorial, pray that I work look at the time im off to bed!!! Have a good day fokes.....

My Day of Uni and studentdom!

I've had a pretty chilled day...I had a politics lecture but that has mainly been going over the stuff I did last year at A level, but its always good to d a refresher and some of the example landmark cases are older than ones that I learnt, I spose if I was meant to skip it (which there was a possibility of) then I would have. Sociology was interesting it was looking at social class how we define class and two academic which most people will have heard of Max Weber and Karl Marx... The Marx stuff reminded me about the stuff I read in Das Kapital a few years ago about the owning of the means of production and how much in control of our lives we really are. For example if you cut all the rubbish away are there really just 2 social classes that own and a class that it is owned?? and by the class that own I dont mean own the local newsagent I mean really own factorys (means of production) and massive corporations (seeBush administration for details - not a dig) Anyway it got me thinking about it again. But the best part of social science is being able to transcend it by knowing that whatever social class purpose, and fulfillment don't come from anything other than God. But as far as the make up of this world goes surely God has clear opinions that we can get from his word but I wonder what his view is on captalism and communism, not the examples but the theory. Anyway his post is becoming so long and rambling that if your still reading im very impressed!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Banana Republic!

Hey all this today I thought I would share with you a little problem, I bought too many banana's, ok its not that much of a problem, Ive tried to eat them normally but any other ideas leave a comment with any fresh thinking ideas to use banana's (not banana pies etc too much cooking involved maybe something like a banana sandwhich or on that kind of labour level) from the link of the bottom of the post to help this crisis!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Oh how time flys, is anyone having fun?

Amy Sent me this photo from Soul in the City, ahh well it seems like so so long ago now but it really wasn't. I do remember this nite though I was very tired and was adding the major scale to some Damien Rice! You know those sighs when you remember stuff, they are always kind of tinged with the rose coloured perspective of a good memory was better than the present, but Jon (Junior Jon Gillepie) said a little catchphrase that really sums up how I reckon God calls us to live our lives, (sorry if I completly chop down this tree on knowledge that you made Jon but Ive a bad memory) It was something like "Love the past, Live the present" for the original, which I think had a better ring to it! Anyway Im also finding it quite funny that I made a big schpeel about how God calls us to live our lives the said "it was something like this" well all i can say is its a good job he looks at the heart!


Today was crazy, I realise why I hate working on Sundays, its so good to really set aside a day of rest, even when your 19! I dont knowwhat your scriptural interpretation of sabbath like stuff is but this morning I missed the feeling of going to church for the day. I was rushing like crazy to try and get to Frazer's church (you may know him from ss) in Aberdeen but I woke up late due to getting to bed at 4am! (see yesterdays post for details) and couldn't find any flat that anyone was awake in to steal an ironing board because we still dont have one argh so fustrating. I got the last 5 mins of the church service then went to work, which was quite good, its a really grea company to work for with some sweet bonuses and cool discounts, although im not really one for handmade cosmetics look out for christmas girls! (Oh how patriarchal, never mind I was sure of the theological basis of post modernity anyway) Lush, Union Street...where I work in Aberdeen

The First Genuine Post!

Hey all, well this is officially my first actual post on this "blog" which supposedly is revolutionising the internet (not this actual blog but blogs in general) although Ive never heard of them but the basic concept is that its a kind of diary/journal/whateva and is a darn lot easier than sending emails to all you great people! And also showing some photos, I would do this in the Grace Community MSN thing but theres that silly file allowance which means Ive filled it with photos, also I dont feel the freedom to be so self indulgent which this web log (Blog)!!! Also if this works out theres no excuses peeps or "You never told me that" or "You never tell me anythings" So Enjoy.....err or just consume. EXPLANATION OF THE PHOTO Oh there was a bit of a party here tonight, I was oblivious until a guy was running around calling him self Tennents man and I was walked into the lounge to see the comotion (below) and then the host (flatmate: Kyle) decided to be ill and was throwing up nasty so that was a call to NHS Direct (hes Ok by the way)

PS Do you have broadband, if not tell me how this page loads, so I know if the pictures are slowing it down at all, leav me a comment and be interactive woohoo for communication, ok heres how (by the way feel free to do this for any posts not just when prompted) click on "0 comments the scroll to the bottom of the page and "leave comment" or something to that effect. Thanks!

PSS Byrnesy's Blabbering! Which fool thought of that rubbish name, ok it was me but its late so if you can think of a better name then do the comment thing the prize for the best is a Mars Bar (or prize of equivlent value - thats right people 32p is yours with the best name!!) this will be given (if a resident of cornwall) to the peeps that come up @ the end of October, so get thinking, you don't want to let that kind of prize get away....!

PSSS If you are wondering where the original is well it still exist with those photos etc, so if your hungry for the retro then check out the links on the right hand side and click on "the retro liam byrnes . co . uk"

PSSSS I know this is turning into the longest post on the planet but hey give me a break its the first day, and its a message of hope (co-ordinated "ahhhs") This is for anyone who ever said "I never win anything!" Coz I said that and then the discerning chaps @ SS decided to give me the new timmy H album. What Stars!

Album Art?

This is a definate Album Art photo, now I just need 13 odd songs and record contract...!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Learning how to use this thing

Hey, Im just playing around with this to get an idea of how to use it! and add photos (hence the above) This seems like a cool way of keeping you guys (not me) with stuff going on (with me) Posted by Hello