Tuesday, October 12, 2004

My Day of Uni and studentdom!

I've had a pretty chilled day...I had a politics lecture but that has mainly been going over the stuff I did last year at A level, but its always good to d a refresher and some of the example landmark cases are older than ones that I learnt, I spose if I was meant to skip it (which there was a possibility of) then I would have. Sociology was interesting it was looking at social class how we define class and two academic which most people will have heard of Max Weber and Karl Marx... The Marx stuff reminded me about the stuff I read in Das Kapital a few years ago about the owning of the means of production and how much in control of our lives we really are. For example if you cut all the rubbish away are there really just 2 social classes that own and a class that it is owned?? and by the class that own I dont mean own the local newsagent I mean really own factorys (means of production) and massive corporations (seeBush administration for details - not a dig) Anyway it got me thinking about it again. But the best part of social science is being able to transcend it by knowing that whatever social class purpose, and fulfillment don't come from anything other than God. But as far as the make up of this world goes surely God has clear opinions that we can get from his word but I wonder what his view is on captalism and communism, not the examples but the theory. Anyway his post is becoming so long and rambling that if your still reading im very impressed!


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