Sunday, October 10, 2004


Today was crazy, I realise why I hate working on Sundays, its so good to really set aside a day of rest, even when your 19! I dont knowwhat your scriptural interpretation of sabbath like stuff is but this morning I missed the feeling of going to church for the day. I was rushing like crazy to try and get to Frazer's church (you may know him from ss) in Aberdeen but I woke up late due to getting to bed at 4am! (see yesterdays post for details) and couldn't find any flat that anyone was awake in to steal an ironing board because we still dont have one argh so fustrating. I got the last 5 mins of the church service then went to work, which was quite good, its a really grea company to work for with some sweet bonuses and cool discounts, although im not really one for handmade cosmetics look out for christmas girls! (Oh how patriarchal, never mind I was sure of the theological basis of post modernity anyway) Lush, Union Street...where I work in Aberdeen


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