Sunday, October 10, 2004

Oh how time flys, is anyone having fun?

Amy Sent me this photo from Soul in the City, ahh well it seems like so so long ago now but it really wasn't. I do remember this nite though I was very tired and was adding the major scale to some Damien Rice! You know those sighs when you remember stuff, they are always kind of tinged with the rose coloured perspective of a good memory was better than the present, but Jon (Junior Jon Gillepie) said a little catchphrase that really sums up how I reckon God calls us to live our lives, (sorry if I completly chop down this tree on knowledge that you made Jon but Ive a bad memory) It was something like "Love the past, Live the present" for the original, which I think had a better ring to it! Anyway Im also finding it quite funny that I made a big schpeel about how God calls us to live our lives the said "it was something like this" well all i can say is its a good job he looks at the heart!


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Gabigail me and my dad say hi my dad is allso a blogger tallskinnykiwi

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