Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tuesday, another Tuesday (Darwinism, lofts and fire alarms)

Hey Guys, Just a short one today coz its already late, Ive had a crazy day, loads of lectures and theres loads I could say about Darwinism (mylectures today basically) but Ive resolved not to rant! Ive spent a relaxing evening with th germans upstairs and Fred (the singaporean) who I havent really seen for a few weeks so that was cool, we ventured into there loft for a laugh which involved lots of painful fingers hanging around the sils of the hatch. Also discovered one of the girls connie is an awesome classical guitarist! It so much more impressive than more mainstream stuff! Anyhoo I was also impressed with Alex's retro tracksuit top from lidl that I tried on (see photo) for a great £8, worth a buy, what dyu think, add a comment as to whether its cool enough! PS The Fire alarm comment was because we got stuck outside for an hour because the light switch has been cross wired for our hallway and so when you turn on the light it sets the fire alarm off, then the caretaker turned up extremly drunk and sarcastic! You coudl write comedy sketches better than my life!


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