Saturday, October 16, 2004

In Glasgee leek!

Ok so phonetically spelt scottish accents aren't my strong point, but im in Glasgow staying at the beatties for those who know them. Today Fyvie, Sparky and me went to the AOG to Jam and I was reminded of how I want to be better at the ole interesting musical theory, I also saw Bill and Nora Kerr who as ever make me smile coz they are so great, Bill was off to fly his incredible contraption which is pretty cool, i cant remember what its called kind of power glider thing, i had a shot once with bad results. Anyway Ill write more and post some photos no doubt when I get back to Aberdeen. Also Aberdeen FC beat Inverness in their own ground in away mode because Inverness hasnt got a big enough stadium to host scottish premier matches......Scottish football is absolutly crazy. PS Amy Beattie just revealed she can play killing me softly on the recorder


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