Thursday, October 14, 2004

Food Wonders discovered in the drowning culinary world of studentdom!

Hey, Blog readers, well I though from all the hits you give me Id give back something to the food poisioning, no only joking! I have been playing around with various ingredients and though you might like to learn what ive learnt about student cooking, 1)Keep it simple pasta and rice are great starting points, but make sure you run them under a hot hot water tap after cooking them. 2)7 Minuite Boil up meal type things can often take longer (in my case 40mins!!!!!!!!) 3)Drinking chocolate tastes great in curry! - Yep the other day I made curry and I wanted to thicken it, I was looking for flour as that normally does the trick as a thickening agent, and I remember somebody saying that chocolate is great in curry maybe the Currymaster JG, so I thought "Oh Best of both worlds!!!" Errr more will be added when I discover them! Oh also any body still worrying about the Banana issue I had, I suitably have now dusted them all off, there a great snack and good for potassium and Vitamin D, also good in natural yoghurt for a very friendly LIDL student price of 39P for what you would probably buy for £1 normally!


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