Monday, October 18, 2004

Worship UnLtd

Hey guys, Pre-cursor - What ever you say about cheesy christianity you can't deny that worship is what were made for, and although Music is definatly not all that worship is about, it is definatly a part of worship that God loves and a facet he has put in the hearts as something special. Alot of fresh worship about as ever is about, but the album which i'm loving at the moment is the new album by Matt Redman which shows how much this guy is in a league of his own, the new album I think comes from a real deepness and a heart which has obviously studied the heart of a worshipper and has one! Anyway great lines from this album which have really hit me, and just put into words those things on your heart you can't quite say even though there the simplest of phrases "Worship starts with seeing you" "All I have seen commands a life of praise" "We are breathing the breath that you gave us to breathe to worship you" "Your blood speaks a better word than all the empty claims I heard upon this earth" Ive really meditated on these (Its biblically to meditate its just they darn new agers twisted it) and they are just awesome things. Im actually listening to "nothing but the blood - track 2 and its so rich with truth, expression of a worshipping heart. Give it all you've got guys Liam


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