Friday, September 30, 2005

UPDATE: Get A Free iPod joke!

Well sorry a bit of mis information about this whole iPod thing but now Ive definatly got it right. So heres the deal, you sign up at this link and complete an offer, I thought the rental DVD thing was good and it is im already receiving the DVD's but for it to be creditted you have to stay on past the trial, so actually the 2 DVD's for £10 is good...then you find 5 other people to do the same and you get an iPod of your choice... ...sounds too good to be true but NO!...the BBC and a bunch of other companys and people have verified it to work!. So help me out, share some love, get some DVD's and a free iPod for yourself by going here Make sure you follow this link otherwise you waste your account with no refferal! Thanks

Monday, September 26, 2005

Ive embarassed myself!

Not really, but hey yeah I know the blggiong has been seriously slack but if its any conselation I had a good summer, learning I dont need the Internet!....but I am fond of it. So Im back in Uni now, travelling 50 miles a day for it which makes a 3hr round trip in the north of Scotland!..but Im doing pretty well. Church is good, moving on, seeing more young people become Christians which is great now to "make disciples" There is many a story to tell and an adventure to be relived but not now unfortunatly as we are still internetless for now as our NTL deal fell through, but as Mike Horton the generous man he is gave us a free wireless network and modem we no doubt will be finding Broadband deals to get that up and running in no time. But for now Im just on a borrowed laptop in the law library emailing some of my you can see here, clearly, emailing them, as we speak, Ok Im gonna get on with it. But in parting 2 things, 1) If you are reading this I am very grateful you even read this blog anymore and I promise to be more faithful in outworking my thoughts and life on this small place in the Internet Super Highway, also congrats for reading so far down in a post that is basically an apology note to all the people that dont read this blog anymore...seems kind of pointless now I think about it. Anyway in last ditch attempt to revive this blog and my self asteem as a blogger, send me a comment on this post so I can see if theres anyone out there can even be blank, go on, please! On a more serious reallty good friend Craig Fyvie is pretty ill right now, so for all of you great selfless people out there, please give him some vertical conversation (prayer), he's suffered with some really bad ear infections which he then had operated on, but now its flared up again so bad that they admitted him to hospital today, which is real serious in the UK as the government only take you in if you really need it. So please pray for Craig, thanks....Liam PS Check out the Church website that I made on Mambo (no link coz Im lazy), Im pretty proud but trying to have as little internet cross over with as I was informed that my general inappropriate comments and photos on flickr ( cant be affiliated with the church, fair enough I say I often try to not affiliate myself with my inappropriateness...check it out