Saturday, April 30, 2005

Im Sick

Well for the first time since Ive been here in Uni Im ill.....I can hardly breathe due to all the nastiness in my throat and my head feels like its been over filled with angel delight (thats not as nice as it sounds) I meant to write my essay last night, but it got to about 1am and I was feeling rough as rats so I now I have to do it today even though al I want to do is curl up in my bed...ahhh well.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Musical Memories

Sven @ World of Sven is collaborating a few people who are writing about their albums of all time, while that is too much of a feat to contain in 3 albums here are a few album memories that flashback for me, or where soundtracks to parts of my life. It pains me to only attribute 3 albums for musical memories so I suppose in the future I may put up some more musical memories, as I think I could only do my musical memory justice if it was a top100, as it was such a huge part of me growing up Tim Hughes Here I am to Worship Well firstly although many people will write this album as cheesy and Mainstream, I bought this album on tape after going to a Soul Survivor Event in Bristol in a rental car with John and Miriam (sorry other occupant of the car I cant quite remember) but anyway alot of the youth group also came up in the bus, but the album had just been released ad a few people where introducing some of the songs, and we had a great sunny day in Bristol, then went to the event and I met God in the most powerful way I had ever met him in my life and it changed me, and revived me...then on the trip home (a couple of hours) we listened to this album and worhshipped along to it, then it was just a soundtrack to my life for the next few months. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication This is just one of those classic summer albums that was a bit of a soundtrack to my younger days, not all good stuff it reminds me of, but it was definatly the album that reminds me of those long cornish summers. I love their other albums as well. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill This is such a cool album, unfortunatly to my knowledge Lauryn Hill hasn't released much more, but this is a great album and a soundtrack to the beggining of my hip hop/R&B/black music journey which kept me from going too ALL guiatry, which would have been a disaster think of all the great hip hop and soul stuff I would have missed out on. This also reminds me of days at Gillespies when I could recognise the bass lines of the songs through the wall or doors of Beth Gillespies room when John and I would hang, ahh when the fam where all together!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Today in my lectures on Mark an Interesting translation point was brought up, which got me thinking: Abba: is translated for us in Mark as Father (Mark 14:35), but commentaries often denote it as more like the term "Daddy" but in fact the true meaning of Abba is really neither. Abba as Father Abba as Father is really not a good translation, it is far too formal and does not speak sufficiently of the intimacy of relationship that Abba does. Abba as Daddy Daddy is a very child like term and though "Abba" is used by children in relation to their fathers in Israel but unlike in english the term is not confined by age, It is used after childhood from Adult to Adult. Even though you may see the term Daddy as an endearing outworking of Luke 18:17 "You will never get into God's kingdom unless you enter it like a child!" that is not appropriate for this context, as Abba denotes the understanding of the depth and fullness of the relationship that would be impossible for a child to have. This is key a the end of Mark in the garden of Gethsemane
So it seems we dont really have a term in english for Abba, I think it might say alot about western (or at least English) family relationships that there is not a word for a close relationship in adulthood with your Parents. (Dad dosent quite hit the spot either by the way...any other ideas welcome) This definition is how I think were called to be as we mature as christians. Often Maturing as Christians can unfortunatly mean that we become stale, un enthusiatic, and we have the ability to turn the incredible into the ordinary, but when we mature in our understanding of the character of God then this is definatly a helpful aspect of Maturing. For us to understand the depth of relationship and the incredible Grace poured out through the cross should continually amaze us. To have an Abba relationship is to know that we dont know how much it cost but that we catch a wisp of the sacrifice it took, to know in the heart and not the head.

Small points when Understanding Alternative Christian Traditions

Part of my steps to being inclusive is to try and understand other Christian traditions more aptly, instead of writing them off. This search isn't because Im unhappy with the branch of Christianity most modernists would associate me in, but because I dont want to have a mind or heart towards other Christians that says "yep thats great for you, but my ways better" part of the "not having the monopoly on truth" as was mentioned. Click here to Read the Rest of "Small points when Understanding Alternative Christian Traditions" I was looking at Monasticism and was intrigued, impressed, blown away, bemused, by this wikipedia point about the days of a Rule of St. Benedict Monk The monk's daily life revolved around the 8 liturgical hours, 8 times a day liturgy would be performed: The day would begin at midnight with the service of matins, followed by that of lauds at 3am. Before the advent of wax candles in the 14th Century this was done in the dark or with minimal lighting and monks were expected to memorize everything. These services could be very long sometimes lasting till dawn but usually consisted of a chant, three anthems, three psalms, and three lessons, along with celebrations of any local saints days. The monks would retire for a few hours of sleep and then awake again at 6am to wash and attend the service of prime. They then gathered to receive orders and directions for the day as well as other judicial business. Then came private mass or reading or working until 9am when the office of terce was said, and then high mass. At noon came the office of sexts and then dinner. After a brief period of private time for relaxation the monk could retire to rest until the office of nones, at 3pm afternoon service. This was followed by work in the gardens and other maintenance until after twilight, vespers at 6pm, then compline at 9pm and off to blessed bed before rising soon again for matins. I was also asking Arlen for a couple of simple definitions on the term lectionary which I felt I didnt understand it clearly enough and here they are for anyone who might be interested: Me: I was wondering if you could give me a short description of the definition of "lectionary" I know roughly what it is but I was interested to hear it from someone like you who is not necessarily a dictionary compiler but actually has a heart in line with those things. Arlen: "Lectionary" comes from the latin word lectio which means "to read." There may be other churches that use a lectionary, but basically the lectionary is simply scripture readings for every day of the year to accompany and be read at the mass in Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, (though of course one can simply read them on one's own as well). Often, the priest's weekly homily (sermon) will follow the lectionary reading. Also--I just thought of this--I think many Lutherans use a lectionary as well, though they don't do "mass" of course. Me: so is it like a (excuse me bringing down what is maybe quite sacred) like a word for today or more like the bible in a year? eg. is it selective or complete? Arlen: It is selective; it is not complete, but I tough I can't explain to you the difference exactly, I think it is not like a "word for today" or "bible in a year." I think it serves a slightly different function than those. Although the Lectionary can certainly be used devotionally on an individual basis (and I in fact often use it this way), as I understand it, its primary purpose is in worship/liturgy, in community, where "the hearing of the word" is taken to mean that a part of the liturgy/service is that we listen to chunks of scripture. The Lectionary functions as the guide to this. It also means that all churches that use the Lectionary are "on the same page", so to speak, on the same day/week/year, in the Word.

Being Genuine

A long a complicated road Lewis Carroll took to teach people to be un-genuine....or maybe not, wat do you think? "Be what you would seem to be -- or, if you'd like it put more simply -- Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise." Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland English author & recreational mathematician (1832 - 1898)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Blue Eyed Jesus

Im enjoying relevantmagazine online just now (and seeingh if they ship to the UK) and a read great article, My Jesus, Redefined, I resonate with this to the point it could even be written by me (apart from its eloquence) Also I am loving photo blogs as ever, a bit of beaty to fill my day, mostof these pro's a re using slick SLR's which I now have CAS (Camera Aquisition Syndrome, taken from "Ive got GAS" Guitar Aquisition syndrome) this Nikon D70 would do nicely. Meanwhile check out these cool photos from blogs I read:

He Sure got that one wrong

And I bet by now he's sick of hearing that too!.... MSN Encarta - eLearning Quiz - Are You a Computer Geek?: "In 1943 Thomas Watson*, former chairman of IBM, said 'I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.' He was wrong."

The Shape of things to come

World's biggest airliner soars into the sky It seems like a small thing, to the backdrop of all the other world changing events going on in these the final days, but in part because I used to be a bit of a aeroplane enthusiast myself and but also because I know John would have been all over this over on his blog had he not been at the crucial stage of finishing his degree in Aeronautical engineering (he's just working like crazy to get his dissertation done, then he's coming up to Scotland to work in our church so go over there and encourage him with a comment!) So in part its a sub blog for Johns sake but I also want to chuck in some of my more sociological insights and thoughts. This Boeing (US) vs Airbus (Euro) war has been going on for ever, and now its getting interesting (track with me here Im going somewhere thats not just business orientated), as I understand it, Boeings strategy is to create smaller long range planes and Airbus is all about making them bigger!...Somewhere in there, is the future trends of International travel to come. As the world and yes even the Church is becoming globalised, through the Internet, mobile communication technology yadda yadda yadda you know the shpeel, travel is getting cheaper and we are getting around more (not as in the Beach Boys get around but I mean International travel) So what will International travel look like, well here are a few points about airports: - more auto check ins, selecting you own seat and printing out your own luggage tags, like BA have introduced, there muchos handy! - lets face it increasing security checks - Temporary Pagers/PDA's for every passenger that tell you when your flight is boarding and at what gate, and so they can call you if they need you, they would not doubt fill it will adverts for coffee shops, and duty free Aeroplanes - Well I think alot still hangs on whether they get bigger or smaller but a few suggestions would be: - For budget airlines to not be stingy and give out some free food - More Pizza pie, like you get on AA - Easier to use Airmiles, like a swipe card like in supermarkets - Hobo Traveller Luxury lounges for us cheap skates who would love to go in those lounges but we dont have companys that give us credits, lets face it we dont have companies! - 24/7 Prayer Rooms, make them extreme and put them in Aeroplane trailers (now that would be an invention) Add some more cool ideas for International Air travel in the comments if you them Enough of my self Indulgence, Another point though is that these trans atlantic business wars and somewhat indicative of the International climate, through my un-educated eyes even I can see that less and less America for the European is becoming the land of prosperity and good will which we were told of and that we aspired to, lets face it there was a period there where America's Bigger and Betterness was envious, but now more and more Europeans are becoming prouder of their local heritage, culture and tradition, almost like globalisation back lash, Europeans are refusing to subscribe to the Warhol "Soup Can" Media, Creative Arts and Philosophys and the tables might even be turning...? What do you think?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


A few years back my good friend Miriam gave me a journal, its one of the best presents I received, because I just archived my thoughts as I went around, and even being blogger.... ....Paper Journals are great because, you can use it anywhere, on trains, busses, in church services and not look very geeky, like those guys at Uni who use laptops, there either too rich, or geeky and your typing annoys me!..(hows that for a grace filled attitude!) Anyway back on subject, I lost it at some completly unknown event, so now theres some person reading through my thoughts and experiences, thats scary but fortunatly Im not the kind of Today I..... kind of journaller, I normally write stuff that inspires me, or speaks to me like a scriptrue, sermon point, cool advert tag or something I think God is saying to me. Ive tried to get back into journalling after the loss of the original and very cool journal but it hasnt really happened beause I was just using crappy lined book from WH etc. So I decided with the current excitements at church, in my life and at Uni (mmm...nothing like platonic separation!) and the fact that looking back on what God has done is a great excercise I went out and picked me up a brand new spanking journal!....A Moleskine, it was between these 2 choices (Moleskine or PaperBlanks for anyone who is looking for muchos coolos journals) So here it is, the start of a good thing I hope. Other Stuff you could read I liked this over at World of Sven: Pope Calvin Listening to Radiohead - Where I end and you begin My Verse of the Moment

Monday, April 25, 2005

Christian Traditions and my Inner European

I Love these stupid test things, but the Christian tradition one was a bit more interesting, I am amused and bemused at my results, found this over at Also Im not sure why its my Inner European as Im a European citizen anyway, but I am half Irish was born in Cornwall near England and live in Scotland, yet somehow Im Sweedish! Maybe its my Norweigen roots coming through Christian Traditions Selector Rank Item Percent 1: Presbyterian/Reformed (100%) 2: Congregational/United Church of Christ (96%) 3: Baptist (Reformed/Particular/Calvinistic) (79%) 4: Anglican/Episcopal/Church of England (78%) 5: Eastern Orthodox (77%) 6: Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene (65%) 7: Pentecostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God (59%) 8: Lutheran (55%) 9: Roman Catholic (55%) 10: Baptist (non-Calvinistic)/Plymouth Brethren/Fundamentalist (53%) 11: Church of Christ/Campbellite (51%) 12: Seventh-Day Adventist (50%) 13: Anabaptist (Mennonite/Quaker etc.) (46%) Your Inner European is Swedish!

Spring Cleaning

Hi there!.. Today Im spring cleaning the blog back from googlisation, cleaning my harddrive by sorting some videos through, and spring cleaning the kitchen from the weekends dishes...but more interesting stuff is... I had a awesome weekend as ever, Church was good and on Saturday I went to a place called Pennan, which even the name now come to mention it sounds very cornish, but in fact it up here in Scotland, but it was just like being home again. It was so beautiful I just went photo crazy so a link will be up here soon for the photo blog/ Flickr. This morning I was up at 6 to get the bus back into Aberdeen and handed in my Hosea essay..which is by the way a great book read Ch1-3 awesome picture of Gods Grace within the Old Testament. Right now Im having an early lunch of Cornish Pasty with Taco Bell Fire sauce, what a burns so good! You'll be pleased to see Ive de-googlized the site but the template is up over here so If you liked the look check it out. In passing does anyone know how to put the feed of one blog onto another?? comments or emails welcome. I really want to get back into article writing on here but while essays and exams are abounding feel free to check out the back catalogue on my new drop down bars, click on the + to get the whole links, pretty plush huh, I found them over at Sven's site who seems to be having design problems of his own just now! Also theres some murmuring of maybe taking a trip to Arizona then down into Mexico over summer.....Im excited!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Wheres the Blog gone, If I wanted Google I would have gone there!

Erm, yep well that might be my fault, the reason basically is that I found this cool Blog template, got inspired to make a Google like logo for the Blog and the got a little carried away! So this will be the look of my blog for about a week or until I get sick of it (I dont think itll be too long, especially as I just cleaned up and added features on the old layout) Anyway it was my childhood dream (yup I was a geek) to run Yahoo! or Google etc, so Im livin out that dream. It may also be something to do with the last time I was in my bed was 7am GMT on Wednesday! Dont ask me why but if you want to see the spoils of that labour goto my new domain But Before you run away in despair at the usability of the new layout, for a second remember that time when you were the only one who wanted change somewhere and everyone else liked it becuase its the way they always had done get my point?? Also to bring your Attention to my hard work, check out the following - The Search Fields actually work!... - The Byrnesy google like logo, with bevel, drop shadow and TM marks! - The original Google links Ive made relevant to the site so for a couple of examples Images is my Flickr photos, and News is Andrew Jones, because everyone knows hes the closest thing to the BBC in the Blogosphere! Anyway click around there are plenty of hidden surprises and links. The Disclaimer (cor I feel like all I ever do is write these!): And finally to apologise....I am tired and when Im tired I become a little crazily focussed on ridiculous things like this, not doubt after some good sleep and my medication I will regret the hours I plowed into this!

Exciting Stuff in Holland with Sam Rich

Check out Sams Holland trip, sounds awesome, Im stoked he's going for it


Its live, go check it out, its basically a very busy link to the Blog, but in the theme of my life at the moment, Ive been up all night!! Man I couldn't believe it when it got light!....but I was learning JavaScript (well bits of it) to make the intro page, it just started as a bit of fun at 11pmish then I just wanted to finish it, so by the time I did I had learnt stuff I wanted to write a Blog template. I finished my huge essay yesterday, so I gave myself the night off, I suppose the intelligent thing to do would to have been to have a restful night.... Something tells me Ill suffer for this indulgence! PS The Intro is currently hosted on Geocities, but if any of you know a Free host that dosent put big ads up let me know, I feel my work needs to be appreictaed in its purest form, hehe...enjoy

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Found through RSS

Clinging to the Cross

Cross on the field behind Church in Cornwall Originally uploaded by Byrnesyliam. taken by John Wilson Gillespie

Today I am spent....with everything happening with the Germans which kind of took its toll more than I thought it had, my endless struggle with this project and then finally getting my paper on the trinity handed back today as a fail, it seems so small but to be transparent it kills me, failure is hard, because I put my hands up and admit I rely on the things of the world to tell me who I am too much, and dont look at the creator, the one whose image I bear.... .....and this picture is summing it up right now, when it all falls away, all the Uni work all my inadequacies, short falls, and my issues, when all my hopes and dreams are on the floor, when my mind is dragged into a reality it dosen't want to acknowledge, this picture sums my mind up... in a grass cut field everything strippped away in awe of his beauty, mystified by his prescence but clinging on to the cross, knowing that is the only unchanging thing. Its difficult to be this transparent...

Busted Tees : What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

Couldn't help but laugh out loud at this T-Shirt...which is Ironic really seeing as I quiety was unsure about how much the Jesus is my homeboy t shirts cultivated a reverent attitude to the creator of heaven and earth, the problem I think is that it leads us to the "Big J" or the "Man upstairs" syndrome, not sure if we'll be so quick to use those phrases when we see him for who he truly is Busted Tees : What Wouldn't Jesus Do? So here my plea, help me through this one and give me your thoughts on this kind of stuff. Seems like Stu Fyvie is wearing one, check out the resemblence double take central!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Please Pray for..

Some Friends of mine who live in the flat upstairs are exchange students from Germany, they are a great bunch of girls who have just finished their dissertations... 2 of them came to my door very upset so it was unclear on the details but it seems that the other girls younger sister has been hit by a car back in Germany, they are all flying back tommorow, they had to go and hand in their dissertations in a rush and asked that I would be avaliable for Daniela to speak to while they had gone out, Daniela didnt come to see me, but I dont blame her to be honest, I dont think I would have wanted to either... ...but could you please pray for Daniela in particular whose sister it is, and her family that they will know peace, Daniela apparently is extremely upset and has been put on medication, I can hardly imagine what they are going through, but Jesus thankfully does. Please pray that her family are in a state enough to comfort her when she returns and that for any small part I have to play that I will be a good friend, and a faithful follower of Jesus. Update: It seem Daniela's 5 year old sister was run over by a towed car, they are in a real panic to get their thesis in, and they leave for Germany at 5am tommorow please continue to keep them in your prayers. UPDATE 2 (20/04/05): Daniela's sister was killed instantly, the girls all left this morning, please continue to pray for Daniela and her family.

Pope Elected

Well I dont know what you think about the office of Pope, I mentioned it briefly earlier this week, but whatever you think Id be praying for this guy because hes now the leader of the largest proportion of Christians on Planet earth and the most prominent figure too.

This is what he said:

"Dear brothers and sisters, after the great Pope John Paul II, the cardinals have elected me — a simple, humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord," he said after being introduced by Chilean Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estivez. "The fact that the Lord can work and act even with insufficient means consoles me, and above all I entrust myself to your prayers," the new pope said. "I entrust myself to your prayers." The crowd responded to the 265th pope by chanting "Benedict! Benedict!"

Heres the rest of the News

UPDATE: Check this out the Fan Club...No Kidding!"

Monday, April 18, 2005

Old Friends and Big time Blessings

Well you've gotta love the Blogosphere, loads of great info, comment and crap...but one thing which is not crap is the very cool blog of Sparticus, a guy who I worked with in Re:pose about well 4 years ago now...
Click Here to Continue Reading "Old Friends and Big time Blessings" ...and Ive seen him a few times at later SS events stewarding away while Im locked away in the Lift Skatepark!...anyway I was on my Flickr photos and decided to search for anyone else who had tagged their photos with Soul in the City and there he was a Pro member even!...anyway he own his cool blog over at which loads a new theme everytime you refresh, I bow in awe! I also got some mail today on signed delivery which inside just had a blank piece of paper and £40, I was stoked so if the person who sent it reads the blog, then thanks a bunch you blessed me a load, I went shopping for the next few weeks today and I just aquisitioned so soon enough you feel free to link me from there if you so choose! UPDATE: I just Photoblogged some artsy stuff from coming back from the hospital today check it out Heres another photoshop edit painting of me paying the guitar in morocco

guitaron Just Now Im Bloc Party JK

Pope Decision Making Time

They have begun Pope decision making time (PDMT for short!) (I feel like theres a good name for it but I think this one is just way to catchy!) I was just reading a post by TSK on if the Vatican went emergent, and I thought I wonder how the decision would be made church stream traditions but I feel maybe I would get more tuts than laughs but for those of you who would have liked to see I have decided to run with it....but in fact I have to work Ive resoluted but if you can think of anymore or any funnier edits to my ones add them in the comments and Ill compile a list at a later good humoured though, not offensive..comment away!
- If Evangelicals where choosing the pope, they would find the name most mentioned in the bible and elect someone called that
- If Charasmatics where choosing the pope, they would hold endless prayer meetings but then not decide and split the church
- If emergents had a roundtable on the pope, they would discuss for ages then get stuck on the definition of post modernism
- If the Bretheren Church where choosing the pope, it would be the guy with the most money but definitly not a Woman!
Disclaimer: Please before getting offended or posting angry comments muse this, 1)I the some point in my life and maybe even now (wouldn you like to know!) have been happy to affiliate myself with at least 3 of those labels in my life 2) The ability to laugh at oneself sometimes is a good thing 3) I dont think its very biblical to be offended, to stand for injustice, to stand up for whats to be right, yes but to be offended, please re-educate me though if you believe the opposite to be the case
I think also though Andrew mades a good point on the office of the pope....
"The question that runs through my head, is this: Do they really need to have a new Pope? We don't have a Pope right now and no one is running scared."
although the individuals eg John Paul (the previous one) have done much good eg. see the latest, with Communism etc but a person holding an office which is infallable? Dosent quite sit right for me. Do I have this famous Catholic belief wrong...please let me know!...comment!
Just Now Im Listening to:
Matt Redman

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Usual Business and Gods Plan

Well just got back from Church, but just a quick update before I go to bed and back to Uni tommorow. Yep Back again....Im excited actually to go back, see people etc, but plenty of work to be getting on with. I saw a new house on Saturday, Im a bit hesitant of it, but everyone at church seems to be quite positive about dosent come up for rent til July so plenty of time to think about it. I got back to my little room tonight and was really stoked just to be back, and Ive grown to really like this little space. So thats thought for this post is that Ive realised in the last 6 months Ive had a change in thinking on God's involvment on macro levels, lots of people have been talking to me recently about them missing the boat on things in there lives, and people talking about the will of God for their lives. I think more and more that God's will is less of a tightrope and more like how Roger Ellis described it when I met hime a few months ago, as a field of Dreams. God has loads for us, and because of his spirit, and our reciprocal hunger for his glory manifest in us then God in his mercy and Grace just chooses to bless the things we turn our hands too. I do think God gives us a calling, but not only in the ways in which the modern church percieves him to, for example I like the way William Booth talks about calling (you may remember this quote from my posts on Vision): Click here to continue reading "Usual Business and Gods Plan" William Booth "How can anybody with spiritual eyesight talk of having no call, when there are such multitudes around them who never hear a word of God, and never intend to; who can never hear, indeed, without the sort of preacher who will force himself upon them? Can a man keep right in his own soul who can see all that, and yet stand waiting for a call to preach? Would they wait so for a call to help anyone to escape from a burning building, or to snatch a sinking child from a watery grave? Does not growth in grace, or even ordinary growth of intelligence, necessarily bring with it that deepened sense of eternal truths which must intensify the conviction of duty to the perishing world?Does not an unselfish love, the love that goes out towards the unloving, demand of a truly loving soul immediate action for the salvation of the unloved? And are there not persons who know that they possess special gifts, such as robust health, natural eloquence, or power of voice, which specially make them responsible for doing something for souls?And yet I do not at all forget, that above and beyond all these things, there does come to some a special and direct call, which it is peculiarly fatal to disregard, and peculiarly strengthening to enjoy and act upon. I believe that there have been many eminently holy and useful men who never had such a call; but that does not at all prevent anyone from asking God for it, or blessing Him for His special kindness when He gives it.The call, at any rate, had come for him. It was a call from Heaven, and from humanity as well." Just Now Im Delirious/Hillsongs Bethany Gillespie

Friday, April 15, 2005

Bushs iPod

Found this great story trawling over Issac Phillips Blog (very cool look btw check it out)

George W Bush owns an iPod!

Click here to read the rest of "Bushs iPod" (CNN) -- The music tastes of U.S. President George W. Bush have come under scrutiny after an aide revealed the playlist of his new iPod player. The MP3 player, which can store up to 10,000 songs, only contains about 250, according to the New York Times, which first reported the story. Not every track is "on-message." The playlist -- regarded by many as a mirror to the soul -- includes musicians who campaigned against Bush, such as John Fogerty. The playlist does reveal a rather narrow range of babyboomer tunes. Writing in the London Times, Caitlin Moran noted: "No black artists, no gay artists, no world music, only one woman, no genre less than 25 years old, and no Beatles." "This is basically boomer rock 'n' roll and more recent music out of Nashville made for boomers. It's safe, it's reliable, it's loving. What I mean to say is, it's feel-good music. The Sex Pistols it's not." Well I say good for you Mr Bush...wholesome tunes no doubt. I found some cool graphics of what a release of the Bush Pod might look like (which apparently hardcore republicans are campaigning Apple for)....Click here for the full CNN report

Small Print: I didnt see any Creative Commons signs on Issac's site so I borrowed these pics in the hope that as there not for any commercial purpose he wont mind me taking them and editing them for my black background, coz I thought there so cool

Just Now Im Dave Matthews Band JK

Frenzy Event

Were taking most of the guys from our Church down to this event in Edinburgh looks like it will be pretty sweet.

Tickets for FRENZY are now available in the following Wesley Owen stores; Aberdeen, Belfast, Carlisle, Coleraine, Dundee, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, and Inverness.

Faith Mission are also now selling tickets in their Dunfermline store.

you can buy them online Or over the phone 08708 748 748

Outrageous Giving

I was stoked to read Servant Blog this morning over at the to all Nations site which by the way I looked into a bit more in depth today for the first time and its awesome stuff and I really resonate with their heart, but anyway what I was saying it was great to hear them being given a sweeeet G4 iBook as a gift. I completly understand the feelings they are having right now because of a similar awesome story which I think Ill tell now....
Click here to Continue Reading "Outrageous Giving" As I grew up I spent a lot of time at my pastors house because there son who was my age too was the soundest person I knew and over the year I spent ALOT of time there, John (the pastors son and I) became best of buds even til this day, and I spent so much time with the family I loved them like family, this fortunately for me is still the situation
...about 3 years ago when I was with my church in Jamaica, someone gave me a word about musical stuff happening in me, which for me was slightly amusing because by that time 17/18 I had exhausted all ends of being musical possibly trying out every musical instrument at school and failing miserably at all of them. Id always loved listening to music and I was discovering how powerful music was in connecting with God in Worship, and though not a musician I was determined to be a worshipper.
...Anyway Im the kind of guy who has a word and then 2 days later forgets it (a definite character working on it) so when I asked Paul one of the adult leaders on the trip to teach me a song on his little £100 Beginners Yamaha guitar (still very nice btw) which he'd brought because God had told him to take it and give it to someone over in Jamaica (I think he thought it would be a Jamaican though!) anyway needless to say I learnt one chord D, and moved a finger to change the chord into "Light of the World" a good, but now quite overplayed song!...I just kept playing and playing, and (im sure you saw this coming) at the end of the trip Paul offered me the guitar, needless to say I was stoked I remember carefully packing it away in our minibus in its cloth case, taking much pride in my new guitar, Im not meaning to play a small violin or anything but I really didnt ever own anything like that which was completely new.
...Anyway this guitar was great, God gave me a supernatural ability to stick at something for once, and I loved it, I would play it everyday, and I started to get much better. As ever when I returned from Jamaica, almost every weekend, and some weeks I would be at the Gillespies (The pastors family) This family is Guitar crazy, they have got the bug as some guitarists would say, John(the Pastor...not the son) had a beautiful completely custom made guitar worth well into the 4 figures and all the other guys had some very sweet offerings without boring you about guitars for the next 10 minutes.
...Anyway there would often be people coming over for dinner, as with a pastors house, but the Gillespies are like pastors on steroids (in a good way) they love and are hospitable like no one Ive ever met, and in passing I think those 2 characteristics are the reasons why Im still running this race, but anyway I was playing my guitar as normal upstairs with Josiah another guitar playing Gillespie and with everyone playing extremely nice guitars, and the fact that I didnt know how or could afford to change the strings I was getting a bit of GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) you see being at the gillespies I learnt about woods, and fine guitars and I just thought one day, one day, so I walked down into the kitchen into a not unusual sight, the guests and the gillespies (and other tag alongs like me) were in a kind of semi circle around the kitchen counter with people behind swinging round, well I was late so I was on one side of the counter and got ready for some pre-meal praying... be honest I remember roughly what happened but I cant remember what people said but basically John said "Liam, I want you to give away your guitar.....because we got you a new one!" from behind the counter he pulled a guitar bag, and after a bit of a kafuffle to get it open there it was.....A Yamaha DW 15....Beautiful woods, a sturdy dreadnought guitar, gold tuning pegs, What a guitar....I was blown away...
...I'd never received such an outrageous gift, needless to say on a pastors salary I knew this gift was a sacrifice, but more than the monetary value of this guitar I was blown away that people (Paul and John who bought me the guitar) would give me something completely out of my reach, its hard to describe what that does, but in a small way I knew that Jesus had done a similar thing for me, we aspire to the kingdom, we wait for it..Romans 8:22 says the whole of creation is groaning, I think that includes us, were waiting for his return and he gave us something we could only dream of eternity with him, he paid for it in the knowledge that we never could, just because he loved us, he have it selflessly.
...I am always an advocate of steps that make the modern church and modern worshippers more reverent and filled with the holy fear of God, to be honest I think its one of things that have been neglected, but the overwhelming truth is, come on I know you know this one
John 3:16-18 (New International Version) 16“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
...I wonder when it all falls down the wayside, all the talking, all the sermons, the worship times, all the Christian books, that we really get much of our actions motivated by the lack of self confidence could be changed by the simple and deep knowledge, not head knowledge but the understanding in the heart that God knows everything there is to know about us, and he loves us more than anyone ever has.
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

On My Birthday

Being Particularly tired but for some reason not going to bed I compiled my favourite facts about my birthday - March 9th from WikiPedia! Its a Big day for Hip Hop Chingy was Born March 9, 1980 Bow Wow was born March 9, 1987 The Notorious B.I.G was killed March 9, 1997 In the UK it's - National No Smoking Day The Very First Ford Mustang rolled off the production line March 9, 1964 Stalins Daughter defected and finally the massivly popular U2 album The Joshua Tree was released. Just Now Im U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

New Discoveries!

Found this awesome resource Just about every site you might want to find! and now understand what everyone is on about when they talk about WikiPedia, this is another cool resource. Also Ive been playing with art filters in photoshop with some of my photos from my trip to Morocco in 2003

Please excuse a few rants

Here Goes
  • Well I finally cracked on with a bit of work, but to be honest I havent done as much as Id like, mmmm I bet your tired of hearing that on here. But I was mainly distracted by the fact I left the Interviews somewhat the back bone of my paper 50 miles away and pretty much unattainable. Which means I have to write the rest around it, until I get there and have to write it on an old unstable laptop.
  • Ive been thinking today about investments, this always happens when Im skint and waiting for my student loan...I would love to upgrade to typepad but as my technorati rating (small as it is) and so much other stuff is linked to the blogspot despite my constant attempts to route people through
  • Oh yep while on that I think because its fairly cheap and would be cool that Ill rent later this year when I need to renew
  • Flickr is another great tool which I am very impressed with just because of its user friendliness...check it out, I would definatly like to upgrade to a premium flickr account!
  • I also need to get a contract phone pretty bad as I just keep spending stupid amounts like off peak yesterday spending £6 on a 16 minuite call to John on the same network!...Crazy money wanting things!
  • Also need to logisticize getting back to cornwall for 3 weeks for my mums wedding and general south west social treatment so I dont start growing ginger hair and wearing kilts coz Ive spent too long in scotland, hehe only joking. But its turning out to be a real pain in the derriere to find flights where I dont have to commute across London to get home.
  • I got a wedding invite from a great friend who Im very excited about getting married but its down in nottingham in august
  • Im waiting still for my student loan so I can pay for CLAN Gathering (I put in the Gathering part just for Rick!) and the subsequent flat expense.
  • Thinking about travel to and from Uni when I move up to st combs, really praying that God will provide funds for that...and a job otherwise financially I could get done over pretty quick
  • My mum getting married now means that her partners savings, and wages getting counted when the government give me my loan, so they will take off a little no doubt but the biggest loss will be my £1000 a year grant.Rants Over

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Today Ill be working!

St Combs Beach 12/4/2005, originally uploaded by Byrnesyliam.

Thoughts of the Weekend are over, a remnant captured by my camera here, haunts me as I look forward to today and the work I have to do, oh well, before I emabrk on my academic journeyings here are my offerings for you today
  • Found the REAL Blog of Dave Paisley sorry for the turns out hes lived in the states for 20 odd years but was originally from sunderland, how bout that!
  • And I found this Popalooza league board...pretty funny even with my new found respect for catholics (im not kidding, sometimes liturgy wins over contenporary forms I think)
  • My proverb of the day is

Proverbs 12: 19-20

19 Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. 20 There is deceit in the hearts of those who plot evil, but joy for those who promote peace.

  • Also I was having a good laugh with John on the phone last night about which is full of "Demotivators" eg. "Humiliation - The harder you try, the dumber you look" really funny stuff, check out "individual designs" on the left hand side....enjoi!
  • Bob Carlton speaking about some interesting stuff over at his corner on Gen Y with a cool multi faith iPod Graphic
  • This is a fun yet completly stupid app, nice scripting to write it though! Make 'em fall
  • Awesome photo today on Deceptive Media Photo Blog

Also am enjoying the use of Flickr more and more, very user friendly and in fact a really great tool...check my photos through the cool tags system or have a look at my slideshows (Ok that sounded lame, but I choose not to be self concious about it, any its a worthwhile sign up, feel free to set me up as a contact) Have a good day...Ill be working!

Update: After some spring cleaning on this site yesterday I thought Id stick up a new fresh title

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gmail Stuff

I dont know how it happened but Gmail just upped me to 2GB space!...what a provider Im only using 19mb! Though for the clean freaks out there Gmail has no function to delete messages, the upside though is a good spam filter. Anyway I still have loads of Gmail Invitations for anyone whose wanting. mail me Subject "Invite me bad!" update: Dave Paisley just helped me out with my slow picup on gmail that you actually can technically delete on the comments for more info Just Now Im Dave Matthews Band JK from Church

Back from Easter

Well this is me back eating jolly ranchers writing this blog, what a few weeks, to summarise I spent the first kicking back in st combs loafing and doing small bits to my pop spirituality project, the next week I spent Sunday - Wednesday was working on a prawn trawler on the north sea! Then from Thursday - Sunday played in a band at the "Destination of Worship conference" which was very cool, played with some awesome musicians from Arizona and got some great teaching on the heart of worship. Then the last few days were really: Monday, went to "cute" scottish stuff for the Americans, then yesterday was a quiet day in the church cafe doing some work and then had a "closer" event with the youth from the village who came up to the church over the weekend, because they had had a prophetic presbitary where everyone in the church was given a word, so we chilled out with them, explained stuff about prophecy and said that anyone could do it and so we decided to do the stuff as wilberforce said. I lead a group of 5 guys and some incredible stuff was spoken, I was blown away. Also an obituary for Meegans Blog, man Im gutted, it was awesome Meegan I loved reading so anyway heres my tribute in loving memory (with the quiet hope for ressusitation) for Three.

Also Ive just seen that my audioscrobbler profile (stats on all the stuff I listen to has been updated, check it out Just Now Im Athlete Miriam Hartley

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fishing over easter

Heres a quick photoblog of when I went fishing here Back in Aberdeen this week will have loads of work but Ill be blogging again no doubt

Friday, April 08, 2005

Been Gone

Wow....Sorry faithfuls..I know Ive been MIA for a week or so now but Ive not been dead you'll be glad to hear, so in the midst of the chaos I thought Id give you the low down. First week I was internetless working for the church, this week Ive been on the North Sea trwaling for prawns for 3 days which was the quite the adventure, (photos and stories pending) and now Im in the middle of helping at the "Destination of Worship" conference at St Combs. Next week Ill be back in Aberdeen blogging, working and the like. Til then 4HisGlory