Sunday, April 17, 2005

Usual Business and Gods Plan

Well just got back from Church, but just a quick update before I go to bed and back to Uni tommorow. Yep Back again....Im excited actually to go back, see people etc, but plenty of work to be getting on with. I saw a new house on Saturday, Im a bit hesitant of it, but everyone at church seems to be quite positive about dosent come up for rent til July so plenty of time to think about it. I got back to my little room tonight and was really stoked just to be back, and Ive grown to really like this little space. So thats thought for this post is that Ive realised in the last 6 months Ive had a change in thinking on God's involvment on macro levels, lots of people have been talking to me recently about them missing the boat on things in there lives, and people talking about the will of God for their lives. I think more and more that God's will is less of a tightrope and more like how Roger Ellis described it when I met hime a few months ago, as a field of Dreams. God has loads for us, and because of his spirit, and our reciprocal hunger for his glory manifest in us then God in his mercy and Grace just chooses to bless the things we turn our hands too. I do think God gives us a calling, but not only in the ways in which the modern church percieves him to, for example I like the way William Booth talks about calling (you may remember this quote from my posts on Vision): Click here to continue reading "Usual Business and Gods Plan" William Booth "How can anybody with spiritual eyesight talk of having no call, when there are such multitudes around them who never hear a word of God, and never intend to; who can never hear, indeed, without the sort of preacher who will force himself upon them? Can a man keep right in his own soul who can see all that, and yet stand waiting for a call to preach? Would they wait so for a call to help anyone to escape from a burning building, or to snatch a sinking child from a watery grave? Does not growth in grace, or even ordinary growth of intelligence, necessarily bring with it that deepened sense of eternal truths which must intensify the conviction of duty to the perishing world?Does not an unselfish love, the love that goes out towards the unloving, demand of a truly loving soul immediate action for the salvation of the unloved? And are there not persons who know that they possess special gifts, such as robust health, natural eloquence, or power of voice, which specially make them responsible for doing something for souls?And yet I do not at all forget, that above and beyond all these things, there does come to some a special and direct call, which it is peculiarly fatal to disregard, and peculiarly strengthening to enjoy and act upon. I believe that there have been many eminently holy and useful men who never had such a call; but that does not at all prevent anyone from asking God for it, or blessing Him for His special kindness when He gives it.The call, at any rate, had come for him. It was a call from Heaven, and from humanity as well." Just Now Im Delirious/Hillsongs Bethany Gillespie


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