Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Back from Easter

Well this is me back eating jolly ranchers writing this blog, what a few weeks, to summarise I spent the first kicking back in st combs loafing and doing small bits to my pop spirituality project, the next week I spent Sunday - Wednesday was working on a prawn trawler on the north sea! Then from Thursday - Sunday played in a band at the "Destination of Worship conference" which was very cool, played with some awesome musicians from Arizona and got some great teaching on the heart of worship. Then the last few days were really: Monday, went to "cute" scottish stuff for the Americans, then yesterday was a quiet day in the church cafe doing some work and then had a "closer" event with the youth from the village who came up to the church over the weekend, because they had had a prophetic presbitary where everyone in the church was given a word, so we chilled out with them, explained stuff about prophecy and said that anyone could do it and so we decided to do the stuff as wilberforce said. I lead a group of 5 guys and some incredible stuff was spoken, I was blown away. Also an obituary for Meegans Blog, man Im gutted, it was awesome Meegan I loved reading so anyway heres my tribute in loving memory (with the quiet hope for ressusitation) for Three.

Also Ive just seen that my audioscrobbler profile (stats on all the stuff I listen to has been updated, check it out Just Now Im Athlete Miriam Hartley


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