Thursday, March 24, 2005

Feeling a little Rough about not coming home

Well Im taking a big long breath out Thanks to the fact Ive just finished the hardest essay Ive had I think so far in Uni, it touched on some really important doctrinal issues as it looked at Whether the Doctrine of the trinity has any relevance for the Christian life and its been a focus of my freakout this week as far as getting it done and also just thinking through some trinity theology, it was also written in a Quaestio format which Ive never written anything in before so it all learning with loads of reading. But yeah Im listening to Simon by Lifehouse who I havent listened to for a while. This was my last big thing to get done before Easter Break which is 3 weeks!...I still have an assignment to start and complete with alot of work but this is all I have to hand in before I leave for 3 weeks. Everybody is packing up and going home and Im somewhat regretting not being able to do that, but I guess that the way the cookie crumbles. It looks like I dont have any cool job to do over the 3 weeks which in a way will be good because it help me do a good job on the Popular Spirituality project, but I feel a little purposeless and the fact there are good reasons to be here but also good reasons to be up in St Combs so I think itll just unfold the way it unfolds.


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