Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On an Island of Methodology

"This has affected the way we experience reality, and the way we do church. We are far more open to the past, more aware of the present (and less infatuated with the future). We celebrate the moment and redeem the time. We are more committed to the local space, the ground, of where we minister. We are less abstract, more real, and more authentic, more holistic." While re-evaluating, re-vitalising and re-examining my position on Emergant Church, which I see as a revolutionary shift in structural Church, I still believe I can use the term (or please allow me the grace to use it and correct me in the comments) Emerging Church as something to describe people who believe in community, revitalising Church (a new wineskin) which is still centred around God not just catering to men and not holding onto the traditions which have become barriers, but respecting the ones which are edifying. The quote above really resonates with me, The quote above is extremly subjective, as I very carefully selected it and removed it from Skinny's stuff on Emergant Church check out the 3rd in his series on Emergant Church: PostModern sensability, I think he has some good points. I feel somewhat stuck on an island of methodology....I resonate with some of the emergent stuff, thought I can never communicate my point effectivly enough to be understood, while being hesitant to run away from my evangelical roots, I honestly think there is alot of great stuff still there and dont believe all "traditional" Churches to be dead. But I do see the need to be more than a sunday morning church, for church to be renovated and by that I mean the people which are the church, not the biblical roles for church, or God's Kingship over it. I resonate with many Orthodox traditions, im bored of 80's Charasmaticism, fustrated with the evangelicals, confused about the emergents!.....There seems to be 2 camps which I resonate with and neither of them fully work for me. So here I am on this Island of Methodology I think I'll stick to being a Christian, a term originally used derogativly meaning "little Christs", Man what a challenge, I know this is my first calling, while resonating with movements/institutions/denomination is fine, Im in an im-perfect church because its full of imperfect people, but Im fine with that because Jesus came for us, the failures, but Im gonna try as hard as I can.....


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