Friday, March 18, 2005

My Thoughts Column and Emerging Church Analysis

After finishing the last post, I decided to scrap the "recent posts" column as it didnt include any posts that weren't on the main page anyway so Ive replaced it with "My Longer Thoughts" hardly an Inspired title I know but its just alist of stuff Ive written about idividual things as opposed to stuff like "Its my Birthday woop woop" posts. I am journeying much faster in my discovery and thoughts on everything, to the point where I cringe when I read some of my posts from even a month ago, but what can I say Ive linked them all so Here am I "worts and all" as a british monarch once said. Interesting Stuff on Emergent today is: - Andrews Blogging some stuff about *Preface/Intro *Part 1- EmergAnt-1 Emergent Vocabulary *Part 2- EmergAnt-2 Countercultural History - Article on Emergent here in a WorshipLeader Magazine - Andrews a world celeb (check out the bottom!, hehe) - Interesting Article on Emerging stuff by Jessamine Journal (not sure what that is to be honest!) - Online Dictionary Definition on Emerging


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