Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Future with Potnoodles

Well Im Living the student dream, its potnoodle for lunch, pretty mink I know but Im making my way through the back ends of my cupboard and as you can see having alot of fun doing it! Today I met with Forbes, and Stu and came up with some vision for the next year..... Feel free to stop reading anyone who doesn't know me outside of the blogosphere, as this will probably be of interest to people I know; but it looks like (75%) I may be moving out of Aberdeen next year. Today I met with Forbes (Pastor in Chief) and Stu (Friend in Chief) and we discussed the next year and I decided pretty much that nothing is opening up in Aberdeen as far as flats go so Im seriously considering moving up to st combs and travelling into Aberdeen. Stu and Emelie are looking at a house to buy and the house they are staying in right now is cheaper than my tiny little room here in Aberdeen. Also I may end up sharing the house with any possible gap year students, or a guy called Fraser whose moved up to live in St Combs. Im just leaving all that to God right now, but I looked into the practicalities of it and what my heart was saying, and how I felt God was leading me, and I think that I know I want to invest in St Combs Church as a Community effecting the community and so basically moving up there will just mean I get involved more with that which is really where my heart is, and see friends in Aberdeen during the day pretty much. I know it will sacrifice social stuff in Aberdeen to some extent but I really feel like I want invest and become purposeful in my involvement in this Church plant. So looking with Vision to next year, hopefully I may be moving into a place somewhere near st combs and getting a saturday job at first in somewhere like tesco but the church is also looking to start a cafe which they've bought land for already and I may be able to get a job in that which would be great in combining ministry and work! Anyway this is all speculative, but if things were to move in this direction then I would probably look at being up here for the summer excpet for a few weeks in Cornwall around my mums wedding and my grandparents anniversary. So thats the prospect for next year....Im just thinking with Faith, and praying that God will give me the heart, mind and will to do a degree and live up in st combs.


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