Wednesday, March 16, 2005

All Change...

Just finished my exam, was mediocre, I think I passes which will be a blessing for the amount or lack of I put into revising, but I think I wrote a bit too little. Anyway thats all done and dusted. POINT OF THE POST BEING Arlen is Moving to "Thoughts On The Way to the Abbey" from "Wanderer of the North" (which no longer exists even as a dormant blog) starting with a great post about holistic communion with God check it out here Uodate your RSS to If you've not read any of Arlens stuff before, start!...I think its great. Also you may notice Ive sorted the blog listings on the right into "Old Friends" and "elationships some of the "elationships" I do actually meet eg Andrew, but its just a place to put all those great people I meet, am linked by, and resonate with in contrast to my friends outside of blogosphere who happen to blog, not cutting there stuff down as John and The Walkers are blogging some great stuff of wider relevance than personal info. Also there are peeps in the elationships that im relating to more than a one off, thanks for the link emails, eg. Arlen, whose a great encouragement and always give me good stuff to think about. Im not justufying this move just letting you know the reasons for you nosey peeps. Also I nabbed the cool word "elationships" from Eric Keck, thought it was a great word for the context, not sure if he made it up, but props anyway.


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