Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My (yeah I suck at post titles)

Well Ive decided not to really do much for my birthday (first sign of old age at 20!) today but its turned out to be a really relational day which is my favourite type so it could be very cool anyway! Im skipping my lectures today which is a bit heinous but I can catch up....I slept in as a present to myself though now I really wish id just started the day but nevermind. Im having coffee this morning...Having lunch, playing football, going to SOUL for the "conversation" meeting and then out at 9 with Ben for a nice quiet pint. It was cool to get a Happy Birthday Post from Sam (awesome new title!) this morning, cheers bro I was stoked. Well have a good day guys, Oh yeah and give me some feedback on the last 5 posts if you have the time to check them through and comment on them. These are the most recent photos of me for all of you in cornwall who might think Im running around wearing a kilt, but anyway heres pics of me doing my 3 most favouritist things!...
seeing friends
Playing Guitar
Chilling with a Byrnesy Americano


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