Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Cry of the Heart

Well Ive posted like nobodys business today but I have done a good bit of Uni which is good but now I have to have dinner and go to work...heinous!...Anyway Ive posted some stuff which Id love to get comment about so check it out below (@ Byrnesys Blabberings if your RSS Reading this) Anyway the title of the post I hear you cry, yep well this was refreshment to me today, I resonate with a good part of this and may well adapt it to my uses later on, when I can express my current restlessness more eloquently, but for now read this, it refreshes the soul to hear people talk like this. http://www.toallnations.org/blog/archives/2005/03/meant-for-so-much-more/index.php Also I read and commented on this post by Eric Keck today about Daughters a classis John Mayer song. http://www.erickeck.com/2005/03/08#a4144 Radical Jesus Thoughts by Mike Todd below http://miketodd.typepad.com/waving_or_drowning/ 2005/03/radical_jesus.html


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