Tuesday, March 08, 2005

To Stay the same We have to Change

I noticed that statement on Maggi Dawn's blog today under a book she'd contributed to called "The Post Evangelical Debate" (1997) It got me thinking "To Stay the same we have to change". In the last week or so Ive definatly had a shift in my thought towards emergent movements, and have been thinking in relation to those movements about my base doctrines (On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, An Old Hymn) and reminded myself thats its always the methodology that changes, in short to communicate and to live the gospel We Have to change because the minuite we stop changing is the minuite we adopt a church culture, of security. This is a difficult thing to do, when we dont try and pin things, concepts, methodologies down it takes the un-mentioned ownership of ministry out of our hands, but I think we can be assured it places it firmly in Gods hands. I was thinking today in relation to this, using contemporary modes of communication and modes of living....if Jesus was around today, what would he say to his disciples in a text message, How does Discipleship work here in the 21st Century? Answers on a postcard or alternativly on the comments section!....(WWJS?) What would Jesus Send??


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