Friday, March 04, 2005

Women of God

This a photo of (from left) me, John and Mikaela, John and I had an awesome time with Mikaela, Meegan and Amy over the summer, and it was great to pop down to St Andrews to see Mikaela the other day, have some coffee and chill (if only for 40mins).

Anyway I was thinking of the girls just because I read Meegan's post (on her sisters blog) about Pride etc. And while John and I were driving down to see Mikaela we were just real thankful for the friendship of them, and the life we'd spent with them. And I guess recently I guess Ive been really blessed for God to give me loads of "sisters" (and im not saying that in a very christian way, in just having a great non-romance deep relationship with them). I think as I was growing up Beth Gillespie was the first girl (not in my biological family) who was just such a great sister to me and for me. Awesome women of God Ive also been honoured to know have been, Miriam, Bursey, and more recently its been great to spend time and really love the gap year girls (Jane, Lindsay and Rachael). So right now Im praying for these great women of God that they will become Women of Purity, Passion and Purpose (OOh I feel a Christian Best seller coming on!)


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