Thursday, March 03, 2005


Today what a day...Im exhausted but ive had a good day. This morning I had a confusing lecture on Amos where I just couldnt connect to what was going on. Then I played football with the guys from my flat and some guys from CU. This afternoon/evening I spent with Andrew Jones, was cool to see him again and definatly made Andrew Stobart and I re-think our vision for Aberdeen. Other things it brought up which Ill blog about soon where: - Blogging Accountability - EmergANT or Emerging - 4th Gen Blogging (although I wont fully until he does) - neo-fundamentalism Anyway Andrew was tired so I let him sleep after a fine meal of Gammon Steak, potato, carrots and peas made by the most excellent stobie. Also I got my camera back so Ive camera'd all of this yet I am so used not having it I left it with Ben at his flat. We (Ben and I) went out for a beer in a local pub, and I got to talk out some of my thoughts and then just generally talk about stuff and life, always a pleasure After that I was walking home past Claire's house and stopped off for some great banter and good convo's during which her fish died, it was very traumatic but we are doing well!...;)


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