Monday, February 21, 2005


Sunday was great as well, had a nice meal with John, and then in the evening had a really good service where just under a quarter of the youth we invited got saved or asked for prayer, then we chilled ou with them with Pizza and PS2 games. After I went over to the girls and collected some GREAT mail....firstly for any of those of you who knew about my brand new camera breaking in the first week of me getting it. Well for those of you who didnt, basically I broke the LCD screeen the most exensive part opf the camera and couldnt send it back to the US, where I had boyght it from and my warrabnty didnmt cover UK repair so Canon UK quoted me £120, then I had an idea to claim it on my accidental damage cover on my house inurance, so anyway I sent it away and asked them to send me the invpoice so I could send it to the Insurance company, I opened the invoice last night as it said "We have decided to fix your camera as a goodwill gesture!!!!!!" I couldn't believe, deefinatly Gods goodness, I was Uber Stoked! Also got hold of a copy of the Soul In th City DVD, For the SITC Team they used a bunch of our footage but narrated it and put it together themselves (Cornerstone) they did a pretty good job too I thought. Tamsin made a few Camio appearances like dancing etc. Also all the Louie Giglio talks are on there, but no outtakes or comedy moments, Oh well they were fun why they were happening anyway!


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