Friday, February 11, 2005

Its a Small Blog World

Well it's something Andrew Jones mentioned about when he was here in Aberdeen and I think I find it to be true. There are definatly blog circles, communities, common goals etc shared by a few blogs. If you geta round the emergent blogs you'll see alot of links to the blogs that you've just come from etc! Andrew asserted that there may be only a couple of hundred emergent bloggers, but its is definatly a genre of blog. But What do the blogs do? Well there is a lot of heated and some no not so heated debate about whether blogging is a ministry or not, whether its a place for a brain splurge, life updates, or mini doctorates. I like to think this blog is at times all of these, and I dont really apologise for it being only one of them. The great thing about blogs is that everyone is an author, this is great it means theories etc get passed around alot quicker, thought on something especially as changing and broad as the emergent church can get around, intercontinentally as if you were reading a book thw author was writing who lived next door and popped it over to you for a proof read. Anyway whats my point, Im not sure but I know that its a small world really, and this thought was mostly sparked by the strange although in retrospect not so strange of Hannah Prittie finding this blog a while back which resulted in us meeting up in Aberdeen and having a chat about church and things happening in Shetland, and then today finding another "Prittie" on Andrew Jones' guest map, and discovering its Hannah's mum!...What are the chances, well it made me think anyway.


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