Friday, February 11, 2005

Apologies and Low riding

I feel a little bad hyping you up and then telling you how great the "emergence in Aberdeen" Meeting was (name as characterised on Si Johnstones blog) but Im afriad ive not managed to process or may I ever sort those conversations into linea format but I promise future meetings will be more appropriately blogged, on a possible new typepad blog we may start collectively! Wo now this sounds legal or something. Well now for something which is legal....I found this on Planet Emergent which now features my blog!...but this is from from Wendy Cooper. John Gillespie the Snr, seems to have passed a bill in light of our previous low riding! "This is the police, pull 'em up!" That's what many teens could expect to hear if an underwear exposure bill that passed in the General Assembly's House of Delegates 60-34 Tuesday gets the nod from the Senate and eventually becomes law. Finally, we parents with teen and young adult children can convince them that wearing sagging jeans or low-rise pants are bad styles. No more backtalk from smart-alecky kids saying that when we were young we too wore clothes (bell bottoms, platform shoes, mini-skirts) our parents hated. If our wise lawmakers in the Senate come through like those sages in the House, we will be on our way to regaining control of our wayward youths. And all we'll have to pay in return is $50 fine after $50 fine when the cops stop our kids and cite them for simply expressing themselves freely, a crime adults were guilty of before they grew up and became squares. House Bill 1981 would fine males and females for intentionally wearing pants below the waistline, exposing underwear "intended to cover a person's intimate parts, in a lewd or indecent manner." The bill, sponsored by Del. Algie Howell Jr., D-Norfolk targets popular hip-hop-influenced styles that many youths and adults of all races sport these days. It might snatch plumbers and carpenters, too, who have been known to show some bloomers and even butt cleavage when they kneel.


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