Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Trinity of Man, and Emergence in Aberdeen

Firstly as Im glancing over other blogs I found this by Stephen Dancer about the trinity of man, which is something in the past Ive thought very much about, how the body, spirit, and soul interact and are intertwinned or not. Anyway if you interested check his post here Secondly and briefly as a short update, the meet with Andy and Neil about Aberdeen, was a great "bashing of heads" to quote the prologue of Andy Stobart, and some exciting things were discussed in relation to meeting more regularly to see what comes out of it, discovering more of God, and the very high likelihood of creating a blog for it, and moving my blog to typepad, so whatch this space. I may comment a bit more extensivly but I cant remember much of a linear fashion which would make sense that I could blog about but I left with my brain glowing with thought and basically systematics (faith thinking!)


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