Friday, February 04, 2005

Starbucks Gifts

Well, I had had a very long walk home where I was pondering my current situation of debt and whether to get a job, but that ironically I couldn't afford to go for coffee to starbucks to hustle for a job (it just doesn’t feel right entering without buying)....let me explain ever since my wonderful discovery of Coffee (around two years ago courtesy of the Gillespies) I have loved Starbucks, not least when working at Soul in the City where a welcome break from working there on the hard working film team was going to a Coffee House chain which with all my other beliefs about supporting local economies etc I should hate, but no! To Read More click here or Continue Reading Below I Love Starbucks and I there are some major redeeming aspects of it, (from the status is may even have been wrongly attributed by leftist Uni propaganda) They only pay 6p cheaper for the regular coffee beans than they do for a bag of the fair trade stuff. Anyway No more stalling, I love Starbucks and that’s that. A Great cup of Coffee that you can buy all over the western world, that capitalism working for ya (now I’m just winding you up!) Anyway a few weeks ago Sarah Cogdon, our talented Camera Woman from SITC had asked me for my address saying she saw something that reminded her of me and was going to send it up, I didn’t really know what it would be but imagined it would be a eraser saying "Don't kill the badger" or something obscure yet amusing. But NO......what an awesome surprise when I opened it and found My very own Starbucks Mug...What a find!!?? and What a great present, thanks Sarah definatly a brightening to my day, life and a browning influence on my teeth but these sacrifices have to be made! The best part of owning this now is that apart from the fact I can enjoy endless cups of coffee for much cheapness while tricking myself I’m having that "StarBucks ltd" experience is that I’ve been looking for a Starbucks blank cup (like the ones you get when you go there) as opposed to the ones which they sell normally e.g. A little quaint Starbuck Coffee tiny type font no masonic logo (only joking its not masonic...or is it...duh duh duh...dramatic pause...a cat doing drama, now I’m just going off point) or getting a geographically specific one, so for instance they make London Starbuck cups or Scotland ones. Anyway I had resigned to either stealing one (which I wasn’t going to do) or getting a job there and offering a home to a chipped one they were about to throw out, I wasn’t getting my caffeine loving hands on one of the classic starbucks mugs. Well now I have one, Check the proof below For more info on my caffeine addiction >click here


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