Tuesday, February 01, 2005

TIME's Top 25

I found this through Jason Clarks Blog, TIME's new issue's front cover story is counting the top 25 Influential Evangelicals. Firstly Im amazed at the story as it says alot about the differences in the nations os the USA and the UK as this would never make the front cover of any magazine. Also it's interesting (not sure if I can completly out right condemn it) that its like getting pole position on the Top 25 Evangelicals...not so sure if Gods Top 25 would look the same or even if he would have one in fact. Well it was an interesting read for me anyway I only really noticed a few names that I knew on there, I spose thats a good thing but Rick Warren came in at Number 1....I've not read the Purpose Driven life but its meant to be fairly sound, also Brian Mclaren who I was blogging about the other day comes in at 17.


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