Thursday, January 27, 2005

POP3 Email Revolution

Ive heard Mozilla is the way forward if your looking for a Bill Gates alternative to a web browser but Ive always thought, ba who needs it Mr gates Internet Explorer and although spy ware makes me a little unsure, in a strange way I admire the business entreprenerial skills of Bill....unlike many of my fellow Internet Users I imagine.

Anyway Ive been having some trouble with Junk mail recently and have been using Microsoft Outlook Express which has no Spam filters. And maybe it was the time of night and I think a little bit that I saw it had an RSS reader on it, but I downloaded it and though Id check it out. Well so far (ive had it about an Hour) Its one of the best pieces of software Ive ever used! I cant believe it, its completly free, it has Spam filters you can train and an RSS reader for all the blogs! Also you can change the settings so it checks for blog updates every minuite so for those on broadband like me its like getting instant updates! Also on Installation it completly updates itself from Outlook Express, imports your mail accounts, address book, messages, folders, such an easy transition!...the only thing I needed to enter manually was my signature. First Impression 10/10 !!!....Maybe next Ill be using Mozilla FireFox as a browser. By the way if you want to check out Thunderbird click on the image above


Blogger Antony Hanson said...

I've been using Firefox for a few months now and I'm way happy with it. I haven't made the switch to Thunderbird yet. Your post makes me think I should.

1/27/2005 03:50:00 am  

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