Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Beauty of the Otherness of God

Everyday I learn more about the Cross, through Gods grace poured out to me and I thank God for his who he is. The more I learn through scripture, reading books and blogs I am blown away by the sovereignty of God and his poetic nature in making the redemptive act of mankind the most beautiful acts of all time. I was reading some of Jason Clarks Blog and came across this
In the western church the virgin birth was necesarry to affirm the fall, and how Jesus was conceived without sex. But I think the virgin birth is the act of God himself by the spirt, in creating, in co-creating, with Mary's body, by the spirit in the first act of the regeneration of creation.
It wasnt really the subject of the post that I was blown away by but the last part "by the spirit in the first act of the regeneration of creation."
God regenerated the fallen creation. Ive been learning more and more recently that God is a God of complete unreserved Grace. I went and saw the Passion Film while it was out in the cinema and yeah it was a nice bit of cinematography but what it really emphasized on me was the character of Christ, how he took on the meaning of sacrifice, he gave it all that we might have life in the full. There was a part in the film where Jesus stumbles with the cross and says "(to mary) See Mother I make all things new" thats you and me guys, what an awesome thing even as I write that I can feel Gods spirit in me, exciting and amazing me, something rises in us when we see something of who God is "What begins in our hearts, overflows through our spirit". What our earthly intellect can only dream about, he has done and after we stop thinking, our minds end, thats where the mystery and eternity of God begins, and it should amaze us, it should bowl us over, it should bring us to our knees in worship, Ive been reading Matt Redmans facedown book recently and he says in it you can only truly Worship something when it is mysterious and beyond us. Sometimes we settle for such a smaller picture of God than we are truly being offered. AW Tozer said "Left to ourselves we tend to immediatly reduce God to manageable terms" (The Knowledge of the Holy, pg20)
To live for his glory we have to live in light of his glory, we need to know who God is, and that dosent necesasarily mean we have to know and theologiocaly underpin every characteristic of God but we need to understand the enormity of God, Louie Giglio calls it the "Otherness of God" he said "We are made in his image yet we need to know and we are NOTHING like him".


Blogger liambyrnes said...

You may of noticed another thing I discovered at Jason Clarks Blog my new clock, Im gonna try it out for a while, but I dont realy like the flash overlay when yopu mouseover it. So we'll see, comment if you like....oh well

1/22/2005 06:24:00 pm  
Blogger John Gillespie said...

Hey man,

Loving to hear you speak like this - it inspres my heart to get a load more of the mystery of it all... You're a true man of God Liam - run with it dude!


1/22/2005 06:52:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, this is chris from the grace website. i watched the passion only recently, and all i could think was 'wow, You must really love us...' to which came the reply, 'I know'. God has the power to really blow us away, and that power lives inside us... how awesome is that?!
just some thoughts that needed saying,
God bless

1/24/2005 08:49:00 pm  

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