Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Prayer and Running

"Why is there so little anxiety to get time to pray? Why is there so little forethought to the laying out of time and employments so as to secure a large portion of each day for prayer? Why is there so much speaking, yet so little prayer? Why is there so much running to and fro, yet so little prayer? Why so much bustle and business, yet so little prayer?....It is the want of these solitary hours that not only injures our own growth in grace but makes us such unprofitable members of the church of Christ, and that renders our lives useless." Horatius Bonar A really challenging Quote, which is discussed in a fuller way by Arlen. I think this longing for self-discipline is what the church (in whatever form you choose to acknowledge it) is lacking, a fruit of the spirit which is all about life, commitment and hard work something I admit am the first one to run away from. Imagine what happened if we finally engaged though! At the same time as this quote is great, and prayer is an awesome gift and tool, I dont think I can advocate the prayer stance of being a full time prayer person, I think Jesus was all about leading a holistic life, not one that talks to God but who's life dosent match up. I think as well as prayer alot of situations we are involved with would change if we would just be more open to being like Jesus in them. Im too tired to know if any of that was confrontational but I hope it wasnt in a bad way, Im getting up for a run at 6 tommorow what craziness, thats my attempt at self discpline in the smallest way I spose!...come on Ben we can do it!


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