Monday, January 17, 2005

Sleeping Blogs

Hey guys, no posts for a few days but Ive been away to St Combs to study for the exam, mmm went not maybe quite as well as I had liked but had a good time anyway. But heres a quick update - new blog on friends section the Walker Girls are some great peeps who were at Soul In the City and have this cool blog....mmm, I feel tired thats probably why the summary of that blog was shocking but really its good check it out. The reason for my tiredness, well the night before yesterday Keri from Church had a 24th B-day party at the girls which was full of random games and even wide games outside where stu got ended on a pole and I fell out of a tree, anyway all good stuff (though my leg is questioning that reflection!) anyway we were up til about 3 that night and then last night was my first time officially being in the worship group so that was cool, during sound check I slyly slipped in some Jimi Hendrix which the sound guys picked up on..hehe, but then the service was really good, it was the best electric guitar playing Ive done at a service as far as using loads of delays and muffs etc, very cool pedals, anyway that went really well and the spirit of god just enabled me to go for it. After that Stu and I went to a garage bought 2 Cans of beverage, 3 packs of Out of date Paxo Christmas Crisps, smoked sausage and some chocoate raisins, surely the strangest selection ever!...anyway Stu cooked up some of the sausages in salsa and tomatoes, and cooked some new potoatos etc and we had a real good meal with Jane (and obviously emelie his wife) then we went to bed at about 12 and we all got up for 3am because I needed a lift back to Aberdeen and they were going to Arizona for a few weeks so they dropped me off on the way to the airport, jet setting right now, man those international Christian speakers, too cool for school!...anyway I got home at 4:45 and woke up again for 8:30 so I hope I can work hard today. God has been teaching me loads and no doubt after exams Ill blog more extensivly on it. Til then auf wiedersein...goodbye


Blogger The Walker girls said...

Thanks Man, we're stoked that we've finally been excepted on your elite list!!
all our love
God bless
The Girls

1/17/2005 11:40:00 am  

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