Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lying print budgets and Showy Worship

Well it lied it hasnt fully updated my print budget how annoying, so I thought Id tell you about a DVD I borrowed yesterday, its a hillsongs DVD called Unified which will get sold in the UK because delirious play on it, now firstly the delirious issue, Ive got to say that growing up I couldnt stand delirious just coz I thought it was pretty cheesy and basically everyone was into them and I normally dont like stuff like that, and I cant stand people pressuring music on me eg. What happened when I first heard DMB, people rave about something and its never as amazing as they said. Anyway since World Service I have actually thought Delirious where great, its a really great album go check it out, they really captured things that I wanted to say on that album and thats always a good worship album if it does that. Anyway this DVD was the first time I saw Hillsongs and I had heard some of their stuff from Soul Survivor even though I wasnt there, and it was pretty good. Well the first time I saw this DVD, I liked it musically but it all seemed well hyped and basically very showy, but today Ive been watching this one sonf called free by marty sampson, and even with the showyness its really a heart felt and congregational song, and Ive been thinking its really un-british to be showy like that but maybe part of it is rooted in good stuff as far as really doing stuff to a good level that glorifies Jesus, like being a really tight and musically apt band and I cant really bring myself to justify crazy lighting rigs and stuff but I decided, you know what these guys really want to give it their best and I reckon thats awesome.

Hillsongs/Delirious DVD £10.95 ***/***** (3.5/5)


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