Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fly away home?

Well I spose theres some sort of poetic irony to the fact that im in truro college (the place of previous enrichment) on the day I return back to Aberdeen, or begin the journey at least. This morning I woke up and looked back at the bed saying in my head "well there it is my last day in cornwall" Coming back has been great even though I didnt have much time, God really enabled me to rest (which in some way is code for I havent revised for my semester exams) but it has been great to see people for a few days. Also on my way into collegetoday I saw an old friend from primary/secondary school and College, Phil Conway on his way back to Uni on the other side of the platform, so there was a somewhat strained conversation across the track at 8am which felt like 5am so it was really morning like! Anyway I am recognising that seasons come and go, and also realising that my life in Aberdeen is pretty much completly separated from the remenant of my life here and not in an un-healthy way just in that they hardly interact, so when I leave I really leave, and I guess although this blog post is not really saying much Im just sticking a post in the ground to say here I am in cornwall, knowing that Gods called me not to be in a place I love surrounded with people I love because its comfortable and travelling back to a great place yet not quite a comfortable place is starting. Anyway time goes by, so it seems.


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