Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Ada, Christmas residence!

Here I am Ada, Ohio....the meat and potatoes of America, as named by the gilespies and Reeds, speaking of Jeff and Elijah, were really missing you guys but hope you saking up the sun in San Diego right now, The US is great we went to a place called the Golden Corral, basically the most classic all you can eat American resturayunt ever, it was so funny, I had a bunch of steak in rebellion to my vegetarianism in earlier life and John and I made a pact to only get comfortably full as Mike and Cindys cooking in Wilmington, Ohio was too tempting for our own good. Im in the library in Ada right now and outside is literally a blizzard! By the weekend it will be -15c!!! Last night John, John and me went to a local college basketball game which was a classic American experience for me, was really cool. Tonight were watching an American football game but this time on TV, Bowling Green Vs Memphis so that will be another classic experience, also guitar legend Glen Christianson is coming over tonight, Ive never met him but John and him played together in College and hes meant to be awesome so that will cool. Ive been taking loads of pictures byut unfortunatly havent got any way to post them so for those of you ill see in the next month Ill show you them for the rest of you, let your imagination run riot. Oh also went shopping yesterday at a mall and bought loads of clothes from American Eagle, GAP, Old Navy and Aeropostale which are such cool stores. Anyway this post will look huge sorry, anyway mail me or txt me if you like guys, have a great christmas...were going to michigan for Christmas to some of the gillespies relatives so I dont know what the Internet access is like. Man Ive got to go do some revision for the january exams.....that sucks. Oh Pete Kessell if you read this your guitar is sweeeet, nice taylor mate....lower the action a little and itll be the best guitar in the church almost. Ive also been loving playing Johns 50th Annioversary Strat, sweeet. Anyway back home in the snow with a stop off at taco bell on the way, thatll be the 6th this trip!


Blogger Antony Hanson said...

I got quite a chuckle from this post. Yes, it sounds as though you are having a very American experience. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself here. Merry Christmas!

12/23/2004 08:22:00 pm  

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