Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Essays, Presentations, Phone calls, Prophets, and Xmas Partys

Well Tuesdays where once again a day of craziness! Lots of lectures and essay hand-ins a presentation that went well for sociology. I went to cell tonight in st combs which was good where they taught about how paul said we were to operate in the prophetic, so then we had a time of that in small groups with each other, and I ended up spending some time with Cynthia Hayes who was awesome, the wife of Rick, a great couple in the church, was really great to speak and connect with her. then I came home and decided to do some work on my politics essay and went up stairs to the germans for their kettle (pictured above) as all of ours are broken and I had forgotten I had turned them down on an invite to there Christmas Dinner because I was going up to St Combs so there where loads of guys there and we played stupid but fun games like wink murder for a bit, but now Im back down stairs and Im going to do some hardcore essay work as tommorow Im working 8:30 to 6:30 which will kill me so I wont want to do it after that and Thursday hopefully, Amy and Mikaela from Soul in the City are coming up. Then Friday morning is the hand-in so its soo crazy. Oh also had a great half an hour or so chat with Kate and Marko Davy, seems Kate might be coming to the states with me John and Esther, would be real cool! Anyway rambling so hope your all well, drop me a comment you know I live for it! hehe


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