Friday, December 03, 2004

Hopefully making it easier for you

Hey, well today Ive added some new tools for you out there reading the blog, its definatly been one of those things that I had to get right (especially coz I crashed the whole blog and had to re-write loads of HTML to get it going again) so here are the new exciting tools Continue Reading Links/Post a Comment Links These are at the bottom of all posts because I dont know how to make it post specific but basically now if I write an essay length post see "City Church" then it dosen't dominate the whole page....heres how it works for those of you like me that it takes a while to figure out, basically the title of the post and the first paragraph is posted then if you want to read the whole thing click Continue Reading... and the rest of the post comes up for you to read note: the continue reading links are on all posts even though there may not be more to read so Ill make it obvious in the post if theres more to read, also you can use the link to go and post a comment which I love getting, even if you are not registered with Blogger then you can leave a comment as anonymous, so theres no excuse get commenting people! Front Page Comment Viewing Now when you see "2 Comments" or such like and are wondering what they said instead of clicking on it and it taking you to another page it just appears below the post on the front page try it out Ive put a comment on this post for you to try it out on! (sad I know) Then when you want to hide the comments on the front page again just click on the link again and they dissapear! So Comment more coz I love the interactivity!! Home Links At the top of the posts there are home links, basically if you get to the bottom of the page and are too lazy to scroll back u p, or if you lost in archives of posts from a few months back then click on "home" and it'll take you back to the top of the frontpage eg. the most recent posts!


Blogger liambyrnes said...

Hello, im commenting on my own blog, how sad, anyway you get the idea, now click on the comments link and this will dissapear, email me if there are any bugs/errors with these flashy new codes

12/03/2004 05:39:00 pm  

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