Friday, December 03, 2004

Uni Changes

Just a quick update on Uni things, Well Im slogging away at Sociology and politics essays, they have been really good courses and without any pride I can say that Ive excelled at them pretty well and recognised Gods work in enabling me to really get to grips with the subjects and that in some ways has made the change difficult, because I decided it was right to change to Divinity in february (the start of the 2nd semester) Fortunatly the Aberdeen Uni system means I can transfer to doing my degree in Divinity and keep the credits I will have earned this semester in my other subjects. Why you might ask, well I was called up to Aberdeen fairly specificly in following what I believe to be answers to questions I asked and I know I would have never applied to do Divinity or Theology at a Uni just because I thought it would be a bit too wishy washy, but Ive met guys up here in the course and found its a really good course. And recognised the fact God has put a calling on my life and if thats not to ministry as far as full time Christian work than thats fine but hes called us all to acknowledge and worship him for who he is, and make him famous and so I know this course is co-ordinated in the direction of fulfilling that for me, theres a song on the Vineyard Album Holy (track 7) called Above all else, it says "Jesus, my passion in life is to know you, let all other Gods bow down to this journey of loving you more" and that pretty much what I want to with my life, go for it with passion and purposefulness. Anyway Im really looking forward to it, as this blog probably documents in some way is the fact Ive been thinking loads about church recently emergent church, biblical church, and St Combs Church (all of which I consider to be the same thing really) and so this hunger surrounding that to know God more and to know his word has really led me to choosing this. When I first thought about it I asked and trusted God would open and shut doors as need be and he really has. He's faithful beyond our expectations and faith.


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