Friday, December 03, 2004

The last few days ive been they are

Manual Labour, Oh yeah...well Stu and I finished off the insulation in the church roof on wednesday as I had the day off Uni, well he did the hard work, but here are a few pics for you, I dont know how it looks on the photos but believe me its feels really high when your up the top of those ladders! This made me realise although I can overcome them with a bit of willpower I still am some funny with heights! Even the manly Stu Fyvie admitted to some height related wimpish tendencies, but as he puts it hes not scared of heights he scared of falling from them! Anyway I think Ill probably look back on this with fonder memories than I the feelings I felt while there, although after an hour and the whole Facedown album going round once blasted out on the church PA it was finished and now for warm church services. Before this I went to Teen Challenge Centre with Stu for their chapel service which was cool, and I think when I come back from Crimbo I will be doing more of that with him and Forbes. The we went back and in the evening had roast chicken (culinarily prepared by Stu) with cous cous (with apricots and lemon juice) and it was real good! Then went to Roads a Youth club the church runs in the community centre for the kids in the village and they et around 50 kids, and we played football (Ive decided primary school football is my forte), anyway I had a really good time and havent done stuff like that for a while. We went back to Stu's and watched the wedding video, which was really cool. Anyway this is what Ive been up to in the last couple of days as I havent been posting being in a non internet environment. Oh also on the coach back to Aberdeen I saw a Highland Cow, you know the big hairy ones with horns, I was excited!


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