Monday, November 29, 2004

iTunes Store

Ive officially become partiaslly legal, I signed up to the iTunes Music store to download a track 79p. This is a new recolution I would agree but I think theres something about buying a CD and owning it, maybe Im just being materialistic but what happens when you delete a file it would be literally costly. SO I think itll be for the odd track then check out iTunes Music store but when you want an album then CD's are the way to go check kelkoo for price comparisons or CD WOW for consistently cheap prices but if your looking for more underground things then Kelkoo is the place to go as it searches CDWOW Play Amazon and a bunch of other places I never heard of, I got one of my Uni books from there it found it £10 cheaper in some german store online....sweeet Bargains, hehe! Happy Consumerism.


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