Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Not quite the end...

Well the end (of my 1st semester) is in sight in the calendar sense but work wise its gonna have to be crazy, but at the same time I really want to spend time with people before I go away for Christmas, Im really excited just to think of going to the states, tho it hasnt quite hit me and Im not letting myself think about it too much. Ive got 3 essays to do now which is do-able if thats even spelt right. Anyway today has been a day honestly that has lacked purpose just because I have been feeling like I did when I woke up this morning all day....what can you do, Im away to st combs tonight for bible study hopefully it will breath some life into me in both senses! Im listening to Jack Johnson right now though and Im quite happy with my sleepy slumber state as long as tommorow is real productive work wise. Anyway they are some truly irrelevant points about my day spurned partly from the fact I was feeling too eratic by the fact last week was muchos blog and now I havent blogged in about 4 days! Also I really like to read complete babble of other peoples blogs (that I know at least) so heres me giving a little back...ha.


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