Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Excessive Blogging???

Well I update my blog more than anyone I know and I know some full on proffesional blogs like tallskinnykiwi which gets like 20,000 hits a month but maybe thats because he is more selective in what he blogs,but why i blog is well firstly I love to talk and somethings you can only speak to certain people and sometimes I expect some of those people to check my blog, also I dont have a TV and so in a tiny room which has a bed some photos, books and clothes the Computer is used for Checking the news, email, music and basically everything that vaguely keeps me sane so it tends to be on all day therefore blogging also is a good processing tool for me and I hope some of the stuff is good for you guys too. Also I often have say 20 mins which really isnt long enough to study anything but long enough to write some stuff on here so anyway that is why I update my blog more than anyone I know!! So enjoy....!


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