Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Working, Dancing and living

Well after an evening off im back to work this morning, but Ive been thinking a bit about dancing in churches and the like, do we dance enough, will we dance in heaven, People say Music is just one form of worship and thats true but I think God has music placed in our hearts theres something special about music that connects with us, thats why so many people love it, what there actions and words cant express they can express through music or listen to someone express themselves, which they indcidently swap places with. But anyway back to dancing, We dont celebrate enough think of who we are, what God has done for us its awesome, "let the joy of the Lord be your strength", now thats not saying act like a fool everyday, but we've got a hope, something to trust in, now isn't that worth getting excited about and not being brought down by the "temporary trials of this world" Well thats a pretty irrelevant picture of my uni I took the other day, but why your being joyful please pray coz Im leaving Uni early to go to the states with John but I have 6 odd essays to do in 3 weeksish so I really got to get myself goin, but every essay drains me and I work really hard for it, well God knows and all I can do is work for his purposes and plans to be outworked, oh by the way heres another little outburst, a lot of people spend so long praying hiding in their rooms or churches praying and interceding for stuff, and that is awesome really it is I love the fact the UK church has had somewhat of a prayer revival but theres more, we've got to live out Gods will and purposes to be salt and light IN THE WORLD, not in our cosy Christian fortress'. We are Meant to Live this life!!


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