Friday, November 12, 2004

Open Mic Nite at St Combs

Open Mic nites in church, how very cool, well the guy the closest to the camera willie set it up and its was very cool. Some Classic tunes and people writing there own tunes for a church of about 100 in St Combs there are loads of really talented peeps. Its also a great time to get together and have a laugh also not to in your face so a great place to bring friends into the church For those of you who were up in Orkney, I did the card trick where you leave the card in their hand on the pastor it worked!! Also I played Simon by Lifehouse and Just the two of Us by Bill Withers and had a lot of fun playing with Stu Fyvie as well. Stu asked me to lead worship with him on Sunday so I am stoked because I had an awesome time last sunday.


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