Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Work, Work, Work

Well I feel a little like I talk about it to much and dont do it so here goes im away to do some work! But firstly interesting thought I went to a cell group with my friend last nite, was a good time of prayer but everything else seemed really quirky, I guess its just more of learning what seriously feels like a new culture anyway, it was about dreams and Visions and examples were Moses and Abraham how God had given them visions but neither of them really got to see there vision come to fruition and I was thinking "man, that seems so unfair" coz I know I would love to see my visions come into being. But then I realised God wants us to sacrafice our dreams and visions coz there his plans not ours so eventhough there from God we have to sacrifice them to him, and trust his will will be done. Its not about our life, the world dosent revolve around us, our relationship with God or the things that we do. This isnt saying God dosent care about us, but he is bigger than our situation thats why he deserves our worship.


Blogger John Gillespie said...

Hey yeah that's a little tough to realize hey - i've been thinking about that one too. But then if we knew that we'd see all our dreams and vision come to fruition in this life, what else would we hope for? the fact that we have to desire for things, and hope for things, and that we probably, livke those guys, not see them all come into being, to me speaks of a place where our desires will finally be able to rest, and things will all be as they should be.... I'm stoked to get there.... Blessings good words liam,

11/10/2004 01:02:00 pm  

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