Thursday, November 04, 2004

Time Zones

Hey Heres some random thoughts for your time of day.....I woke up this morning after sloppily blogging a couple of things thinking "No one is gonna be up later than me to see it Ill just sort it in the morning" But no Liam think about time zones man, What am I talking about, well I love reading comments on my blog (from my limited experience) czo im an interactive type of guy and my homepage is right here @ my very own blog kind of helps to remind me update it and stuff but anyway I found 2 comments on my blog from Arlen Check his blog here pointing out that I hadnt put the web address on my political compass post, this is true sorry guys in the US I completly forget that the world dosent sleep when I do, isnt it funny Ive been looking at world views quite alot in sociology and Anthropology and it makes you realise you live in quite narrow perspective even if you think you are well travelled or open minded, you just slip into your own world...Dont loose sleep guys


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