Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Im feeling particularly studious today as I just go back from the library doing some evening study and I had lectures and tutorials all day from 9 til 5!! Also got back and re-heated a pizza from the freezer that I made with ciabatta bread, Tomato Ketchup and the cheapest cheddar at Tesco Express down the road! (another culinary delight!), Yep well you;ve heard of the America Dream well this is the real student dream....apparently! Im sitting here listening to ColdPlay (Album: ARushOfBLoodToTheHead)which isn't depressing, its actually quite uplifting(I think ill add to my "listening list" Check it out on the right), its reminding me of times past (Oh to Reminisce on my long life at the age o 19!) and making me quite thankful for everything in between, also realising my life is such a testimony to Gods Faithfulness...how awesome, everything he speaks comes to fruition.


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