Sunday, October 31, 2004


Sam Rich is Bloggin away and although he created a broken link to my site (your forgiven sam) hes has quite comprehensivly while keeping a classic Sam Rich manner blogged the trip to orkney, quite cool! Well done sam impressive blogging abilities....Oh if you want to see the blog scroll down because hes also blogged a Calvanism VS Armenianism debate without knowing I think, which revealed that Sarah Adams (even though se hasnteven posted on it yet!) now has a blog, so here it is World Exclusive there will soon be a links section entirely devoted to Blogs spawned from this (which in truth was probably spawned due to tallskinnykiwi and Gabagail.


Blogger Sam Rich said...

Alright Liam, yeh i understand about what Calvanism and am pretty sure Armenianism is what i believe. Quite surprised to find Jake was a calvanist though, although it all fits.

10/31/2004 02:09:00 pm  

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